By Imnotfromhere - 12/2/2021 02:01

Dyslexics untie!

Today, after finding out from my psychologist that I have a disability in reading comprehension, I tried to Google how to improve my reading skills. I couldn't understand what any of the articles were saying. FML
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By  Jenae Rose  |  3

When you read a book, every now and then ask yourself what you think will happen on the next page. After you have thought about it, continue reading until you reach a point where you see whether you were right. Think about whether you were right or wrong, (example “I was totally right that character was the killer! I knew I would be because of these clues!” Or, “I was totally wrong about that character being the killer! What clues did I miss?”

Also, after each chapter, or couple of chapters, think back on the main points of the story so far. Do this throughout the book/story.

When you finish the whole book or story, write a few sentences (either in your computer or on paper). Pretend you are telling someone about the story as if they have never read it, and you have to tell them enough important things about what the story is about to get them to read it too.

These different tasks will help with your reading comprehension, and eventually you will be able to retell the story, main points, etc without effort. Hope this helps!