By LennyFace134 - 07/08/2018 22:00 - Canada - Burlington

Today, my "friend" returned my Survival Edition of Fallout 3. I should be happy, but he scratched it all to hell. My dad paid nearly $500 for it. He refuses to pay for it to be fixed or buy me a new one. FML
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Don’t get me wrong, good game the survival. But $500?

Mungolikecandy 19

Why would you lend out something that expensive? I suppose it is a learning experience and I guess you owe your dad $700 which is what it goes for now.



Don’t get me wrong, good game the survival. But $500?

People who aren’t idiotic buy physical copies. You don’t have to worry about memory size. And it won’t disappear like that silent hill PT did.

Doesnt bother me, once I finish the game I never play it again, bunch of ps1,2,3 and 4 games just sitting collecting dust.

You still have to worry about memory size. Consoles work much the same as PCs these days, they install the game onto the system before you can play it. This is because reading memory from a hard drive is much faster than reading it off a disc, and with how large games are these days that saves a lot of time in loading. There really is no benefit to physical media anymore. If you lose your disc/cartridge or it gets too damaged you're screwed and have no choice but to buy another copy. With digital media you own a game for the rest of eternity and can download it whenever you want to. That being said, Fallout 3 was released when physical media was still very much a thing.

The downside for digital media is that you aren't buying the game, you are buying a LICENSE for the game. And if you read those EULAs carefully, you will realize that they can pull the license for various reasons--they can literally "take" the game from you. Granted, it would be for something serious, but big companies NEVER make mistakes, RIGHT?

They can do that with physical games too, by shutting down online servers and discontinuing any future work on a game. If you have a game downloaded on your system though, you have it for good, companies cannot erase your own data. And if a company pulls their game off of a digital marketplace entirely, chances are it wasn't that good to begin with.

You've still got all of the stupid plastic tat that you paid $500 for, it's just the disk itself that's ******. It's a 10 year old game, you can get a new copy for $10 or so from any good bargain bin. Well, assuming game stores still sell PS3 games, but if not there's always eBay. All in all, it's really not that bad.

Bargain stores definitely still sell PS3 games, and the chain ones like Game Stop will until a new console is released. There’s a bargain store in my college town that still sells Nintendo 64 games. And the game is a special edition. I doubt OP would be able to find it just anywhere.

"Special Edition" means it comes with a bunch of merchandise. The game itself is exactly the same as any other copy.

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There are places that offer disk resurfacing for cheap, the place in my town does it for $3 per disk. That sucks about your game though and I’m sorry

Mungolikecandy 19

Why would you lend out something that expensive? I suppose it is a learning experience and I guess you owe your dad $700 which is what it goes for now.

Unless OP lent out all the other stuff that came with it, he didn't lend out anything that expensive. The disc itself would be worth around 5 bucks now and 40-60 at launch.

I'm sorry, don't care how good the game was or whatever came with it in the package, no game is worth 500 dollars. Waste of money. Hope you planned to put 500+ hours into it before your friend damaged it.

Cole Manson: Well, obviously the game was worth $500 to OP and his dad; otherwise, they wouldn't have spent the money. Not saying that it's a good (or bad) use of money, but it's still *their* money and *their* choice to do with it what *they* want. Too bad OP didn't ask for equivalent collateral first. Or OP *could* "return the favor" by "accidentally" breaking his "friend's" gaming system....

For everyone who doesn't know, the survival edition came with a lot of other stuff. That was what made it so expensive, not the game itself. Games these days go for $60 or less, and old games such as Fallout 3 would be much cheaper by now. The GotY edition for Fallout 3 (which includes the game + all the additional dlc) is currently on Steam for $10.

He was testing it's survival capabilities. Looks like you got ripped off.

Expensive lesson now, will serve you later in life- Never ever loan anything you can't afford to lose. Money, stuff, etc. When you agree to loan something ask yourself if it's okay to give it to them as a gift and be pleasantly surprised when it's returned. YDI for this reason :/

Sorry no advice. Was just reading comments to see wtf kind of CD was worth $500. Well I saw and my first assumption was correct. There are none! Your dad should never have gotten it in the first place. Much less allow you control of something that expensive to lend to a friend. Yep my vote is fyl because your dad seems a little dim. But also ydi because you knew the price. But yet lent it to a friend anyways.