By anonymous - United States - Levittown
Today, I fell asleep on the couch. My parents didn't wake me up, went to bed and set our burglar alarm. If I trip a motion sensor, a siren will go off. The motion sensor in my living room is pointed directly at me and I have to pee. It's been 2 hours. FML
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  Cass_x  |  22

This isn't such a bad idea actually. He HAS a phone, how could he have posted the fml otherwise? A computer doesn't seem very likely in this situation.. I mean, he can't move or the sensor will notice him..

  tantanpanda  |  26

exactly. Since OP told us that it has been 2 hours, it means that OP typed the fml during that time period. If op didn't, then they would have specified the complete wait time. critical thinking skills, people.

  Enslaved  |  36

But OP is just trying to be nice in return. The parents let him sleep so he wants to let them sleep too. Seems like a sweet person but eventually can only hold it so long.

  Enslaved  |  36

Not saying it wasn't stupid but it is still sweet. The parents probably saw how dead tired the OP was and allowed him to continue to sleep on the couch. Not waking him up was a nice thing for them to do. Other than trying to return the favour because they didn't wake him up, I don't see why the OP wouldn't just trigger the alarm?

People make it seem like the parents were assholes. I see them as parents not wanting to interrupt their kid's rest. Something I would value if I were tired enough to fall asleep on the couch myself. Why have a I don't give a shit attitude to someone not wanting to wake you up?

  auro7  |  18

some alarms will dial the police and other emergency services. if OP's doesn't do that, it will at least wake up everyone in the house and possibly the neighbors too, though.

By  Cass_x  |  22

Don't you know the code? We have one too, so.. Maybe you can get up really fast, run to the alarm, turn it off and then go pee? About your parents who will probably wake up; it's their fault anyway. So it'd be really unfair if they'd get mad at you. Good luck!

By  bnlsn  |  8

can I just call bs on this one, your alarm if set to home (which it would be since you're at home) does not turn on the motion sensors only the door sensors

  slyde32  |  12

I'm guessing this moderated comment was the same thing I was thinking, our old alarm system had a setting to activate the motion sensors, or just use the doors to trip it, so at night you wouldn't set the the alarm off to use the toilet. Any alarm that can't have motion sensors disactivated seems like a stupid idea to me