By FUCK ME, MAKE IT STOP - / Friday 1 November 2013 18:38 / Canada
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At least you guys have something to discuss. My family on the other hand, we just eat silently. No one talks.

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Maybe it is because English isn't my first language, what does jaykay mean? if i'd have to guess, it means joking??


I don't even know what you're trying to say .. New Zealand isn't even mentioned in this FML, and neither is the Bible ..


#19 It is still unrelated. It would be like me saying "I went to Iowa once and I was pelted with potatoes by civilians." Yeah, both involve Iowa but it would still be unrelated.

Coming from a crazy, psycho family, I can say I feel for you. It's like being in a circus, except not fun and you can never leave.

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