By Hopeless - United States
Today, my boyfriend called me and he was very upset, crying that he had been betrayed. He then began to explain that his friend had slept with his ex-girlfriend. I asked why he was so upset, and he said he still loved her, and really thought they were going to be able to work things out. FML
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By  UrRightFML  |  0

Leave him and dont look back.
I was in the same thing, and now 3months on i just got over her.

She was only goin out with me till the ned of the year but when her Ex started havin sex with some other chick i got dumped because she wanted to wait for him. Dont look back, just leave. Its in ur best intrests.

By  amatayo  |  0

because I can't make this any bigger just think of this as a building.


yeah I would be just speechless until my girlfriend (for you boyfriend) finds themselves alone