By silver bear - 15/5/2021 17:00


Today, my dad saw my cleared internet history and said, "You do know we can still track your history with your IP address, right?" I don’t ever look at porn or anything like that. I just don’t want other people knowing all my business all the time. FML
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  Bogrbon  |  23

As a parent, part of the verbal contract with my kid is that if he wants to have a cell phone, computer, internet etc. paid by mom and dad, we have the right to search it when we need to. And mostly we only search it to bust him for finding ways through the parental restrictions to play games at 1am when he's supposed to be sleeping or finding a way to "accidentally" buy skins on Fortnite. Basically he knows the rules and that we can search his phone when we suspect he's been breaking them. Otherwise he's not old enough or responsible enough to trust with that technology.


If he’s not old enough or responsible enough to have technology, then why does he have it? If you can’t trust them with it, then they shouldn’t have it. You wouldn’t give the keys to a Ferrari to a 13 year old and say, “sure hope you don’t drive this.”

By  DarkAngelsBlade  |  25

So Unless your dad is literally an IT and has had everything set up already he can't look back at what you've done your ISP can your ISP might also have allowed him access to that but simple solution tell him you can do the same thing to him mutual destruction