By drew_ar85 - 20/03/2010 16:30 - United States

Today, my girlfriend said, "People think I don't have talent, but I do. I'm really good with my mouth. Just ask anyone." FML
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if you think about it, that just might be a good thing

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Agreed so she might be a **** but hey.

... and I bet she always needs a breath mint.

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your friends can play Sexbox instead

if you actually think about the chicks a ***** who gives everyone head

11- now how did you deduce that one Sherlock

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did he text 542542 or use or the iPhone app?

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11? No shit, Dumbass! Your response was pretty much unintellible. So, if you think about're an idiot!

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op, you should ask her to prove it to you, over and over

Haha, I'ts probably not an easy feat.

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she's right...she is. trust me I'm a doctor.

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How the **** is this an fml

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#11 is a hero hahahaha. wow. your a hero #11 lol. a hero. hahaha.

yea girls wonder how they become ***** and nobody whants to date them well think of it as guys dont whant to kiss them were like 20 other guys dicks have been

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Too bad 11 was responding to 6's comment. Yeah, who are the jackasses now? LOL

lol a lot of these comments are making me laugh. usually i get annoyed from the arguing.

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your a ****** ass piece of shit tell her to suck your D or leave

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damn I hope it's a girl cuz if it's a guy I'm going throw up right now

123 the first rounds free from her

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thats a 2 way deal good and bad

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at least you'll get more BJs, stop complaining.

yeah, that's kind of a good thing, more bjs but then again, more stds?

I think we just discovered the source of the Arkansas high school massacre a few years back...

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lol maybe she means talking? lol

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warning sign #286 that your girlfriend might be a *****.

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Yeah she is good with her mouth. She did tell you to ask me, so I'm just saying.

someone's girlfriend was on clerks? just how many? tell us.

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#40 = fail. Maybe OP's girlfriend has sucked 37 different dicks... maybe more