By EuropeEst - 16/04/2014 07:23 - Latvia - Riga

Today, a car almost hit me. Since I wasn’t hurt, the driver chased me with a baseball bat to finish the job. Welcome to Russia. FML
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Damn. Russian road ragers don't fuck around.

He was Russian to hit you with that bat!!!


Damn. Russian road ragers don't fuck around.

Edit: Never mind. I saw it was posted from Latvia but they did say Russia.

Well, it's Russia, so worst comes to worst, /you/ will hit the bat.

A cliché Russia inverted-customs joke, #2? For shame. Also, nice username.

Nice way of making two comments under the same account.

Yes, I was deliberately being self-deprecating.

In Russia joke makes you!

Thank you, Yakov! lol

maybe he's welcoming you the Russian way

I prefer the Austrian way.

#4: But Australia's no where near Russia.... ;-)

get you could say he's batshit crazy

Can't get a break as a Latvian, Russians love booze. Carry some Riga Black with you as a peace offering.

He was Russian to hit you with that bat!!!

Big_D_Real 12

Come to America. Where you can shoot that asshole.

Or more likely, that asshole can shoot you.

You've never seen the millions of photos of Russian people posing/squatting with guns?

COSaikou 7

I had a lascivious high school teacher who talked about her time living in Russia(she's russian), and she talked about a time she got hit in the head by some boy who chucked a brick at her during a multi-memver street fight when she was 13. that being said, the 38 year old was still attracted to me, at the time, a 17 year old. good times.

Oh wow - how did you know she was attracted to you? If she said something or made a move that is not good - she was your teacher, in a position of trust. It would be worth thining about reporting her in case she does it to someone else.

I can see why - what with that rugged beard, chiseled features and talents with guns and bow and arrows.

Wtf is wrong with him