By Socarates - 18/02/2011 21:07 - Ireland

Today, I drove over 200km from Dublin to Galway, with a broken window. It rained for most of the journey. FML
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It's Ireland in February. 'Raining' is the default weather.

Man that sucks! But I cant stop laughing LMAO!


Man that sucks! But I cant stop laughing LMAO!

cover it up with duck tape, Saran wrap, or put an umbrella out the window to cover the opening. use ur head theirs lots of things u can do

You should stop complaining. Maybe you car needed a wash or your smelly ass needed a shower!

that sucks. but you cant honestly be surprised. you live in Ireland, ffs, the wettest country in the world

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

Clear recycling bag and duct tape? ..

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Oh, I hate Journey. Luckily, the rain probably drowned out Steve Perry's annoying voice. Because of him, I've stopped believing.

mintcar 9

The trip must've been worth it. You should've checked out the weather report. Its not like you didnt know about your faulty window.