By I hate retail - 27/11/2015 02:26 - Australia - Kensington

Today, I had to carry a 25kg bag of cement to an elderly customer's car because she refused to use a cart. "You're paid to work, so I'm gonna make you work." FML
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The joys of working in retail!

Carts are meant to convey goods from one point to other. OP could have used that time and effort elsewhere. That was unfair.


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She's not wrong, she's just being a bitch.

Carts are meant to convey goods from one point to other. OP could have used that time and effort elsewhere. That was unfair.

OP could have used a cart.

FMLusername969 21

Ahhhhh ... YEAH she's fkn wrong! Do you honestly think it's ok to treat another human being like that? It is his job to help customers bring items to their cars but it s absolutely NOT his job to take her shit!

Yea, like #8 said, she was being a bitch. Just like you are #1!

The joys of working in retail!

Sounds like a solid job.

25kg of cement?! Dude, you rock

25 kg isn't that heavy, though...

For americans it is. most of our job postings say shit like "must be able to lift 25 pounds" (roughly 12kg)

blazie999 15

Over here (still in America) they all say at least 50 pounds.

25kg is heavy at all. a week or two at the gym and youd be lifting that over your head: one handed. if not more.

hahahahha try doing that all day im a labourer so i once moved 100 bags haha

All while working retail, too? That's impressive.

Doing it voluntarily is slightly different from being made to do it out of spite by a customer. I think the fml wasn't about carrying it per se but about the customers attitude to op

Do you want a medal or something? Foh

Malahkaa 19

Take a teaspoon and harden up princess.

a whole bag full will work and then add water

There's a difference between voluntary service and involuntary service.

Did you ride home with her to carry it out of the car, as well?

Technically if you work at Bunnings, Mitre 10 or Home Hardware etc. it is part of your job description but having said that she could have been more polite. I'm happy to help pleasant customers with heavy things even though I don't have to at my job but if they're rude I don't offer. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, hopefully your next customer is a little bit more cheery. Chin up OP :)

At least it's a job mate. I'll take a job even if it was cleaning toilets all day.

trellz17 19

You don't get the point.

In fairness, she probably would have had issues moving it from cart to car. She could've been polite, though.