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Today, I had organised to go for an all day fishing trip, but had forgotten to book a day off. I called my boss and told him that I had to stay with my mum in hospital after a car crash that she had last night. He called me a liar and fired me. Turns out my mum is having an affair with my boss. FML
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Well, at least you can go on the fishing trip now.

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Ha, I would demand my job back or I'd screw up the affair.


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There are other countries than the U.S. YDI for being so ignorant.

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uve never lied to get out of work? douchebag.

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Yup. Being an honest person definitely makes him a douche bag. Wonderful logic. Bravo

I've never lied to get out of work before, I'd be way too afraid of getting caught and looking stupid.

Well, at least you can go on the fishing trip now.

Now you will have unlimited days of fishing! But thats a sad way to find out your mom is having an affair

um, its called pretending to be sick, dude come on!... your moms not gonna neccersarily know when your sick or down with stomach ache or something (and thus can't tell your boss either way)...and about that...thats rough...the boss should have kept you on to make up for having an affair with her!! ouch indeed.

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Ha, I would demand my job back or I'd screw up the affair.

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K k K k KARMA!!! LOL look whos bangin' yo mama

I want you to picture yourself in this situation, doesn't feel so good does it?

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How does he deserve it? What if your boss banged your mom?

I wouldn't say it's your fault, everyone lies, i don't see why everyone is acting like it's such a big deal. Especially since he found out his mom was having an affair. That's much worse.

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Agreed, this one goes both ways. YDI because you lied to your boss, but what a messed up way to get caught in a lie. That's awful--FYL.

You need to tell him you're calling his wife. You're in the best position now! It's HIS FML now that you know! Also - how the heck can you lie? When you go to work tomorrow you're gonna have SUNBURN you idiot!

What if he isn't married? The way it sounds to me is that his mother is the one having an affair on her husband.

Ouch. That sucks. But like number 10 said - call his wife. :P Revenge is a sweet dish best served cold.