By karmasabitch - / Sunday 17 May 2009 20:16 / United States
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By  woot2112  |  0

Awh dude, karma is a bitch

  hwkfan1  |  10

that's what you get for wakin up In vegas

  ykthechild  |  0

595- he probably is a boss, of multiple corporations and probably very rich...likely rich enough to hire mercenaries but lucky for op the nerd is almost always forgiving and op Is at least safe from what he did to that kid a long time ago

  DMarie2014  |  5

Karma is good when you do good. Karma's a bitch when you are a dick to people who don't deserve the bullying. OP, you don't even deserve to have a good girlfriend so may as well be happy with what you've got.

By  Green_fml  |  0

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  lolmonster34  |  0

Good to know your too much of a pussy to put any info on you account and everyone picks on the nerds so don't say he deserves it and how does his gf sound pathetic maybe she's still young stfu dumbass. /)(-_-)(

  hotscar  |  3

well bill gates was probably a nerd too. there's a mlia like this. it's like: today a girl that always made fun of me durring highschool sent me a friend request on facebook. I tenatively excepted. she immediately wrote on my wall about the new job she has and how she is probably more succesful than me before unfriending me. I own the company that gave her that job.

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