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Today, I had my high school reunion. The nerdy guy that I picked on all 4 years had married a Swedish supermodel, then divorced her for a Brazilian supermodel. My girlfriend works at 7-11. Karma sucks. FML
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YDI. I dont even need to say anything more than that.

YDIIIIIIII. man, didn't bill gates say something like this once - 'don't pick on nerds, you'll probably end up working for one'?


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@op YDI soooooooooooooooooo much. that's what you get.

that's what you get when you let ur heart win wooooahhhhh I had to :D

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that's what you get for wakin up In vegas

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payback is a bitch especially when it involves supermodels!

i luv how the ydi is 2 digits bigger than yls

you're a dick. only the worst type of person bullies kids in school, and you, you punk, are that type of scum.

is no one else upset he doesnt appreciate the girlfriend he has? he's even more of a dick for that.

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Yeah but atleast that nerd knows who's boss

595- he probably is a boss, of multiple corporations and probably very rich...likely rich enough to hire mercenaries but lucky for op the nerd is almost always forgiving and op Is at least safe from what he did to that kid a long time ago

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Karma is good when you do good. Karma's a bitch when you are a dick to people who don't deserve the bullying. OP, you don't even deserve to have a good girlfriend so may as well be happy with what you've got.

Here's some advice. Laugh at a nerdy kid, but you won't be laughing when you're working for him.

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Karma is the best! It gets revenge for people without them having to directly.

Karma is coming for you now don't call her a bitch you'll never know how she works

YDI. I dont even need to say anything more than that.

this seems fake... I call shenanigans!¡


There's nothing fake about school nerds being awesome big-shots in their futures (:

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Good to know your too much of a pussy to put any info on you account and everyone picks on the nerds so don't say he deserves it and how does his gf sound pathetic maybe she's still young stfu dumbass. /)(-_-)(

The gf sounds pathetic because she works at a 7-11? Wow judgmental much? Some one has to do it and at least she has a job.

Actually you sound pathetic! Idiot!

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Wouldn't calling his girlfriend pathetic count as picking on someone? Well other than your insult to the girlfriend I agree he deserved it.

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Don't bring the girlfriend into this, she did nothing wrong. But she should ditch this loser.

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#631 I agree. Most females don't work while in a relationship.

What did the girlfriend do? OP's the pathetic one if he thinks being a douchebag will get him supermodels.

oh come on, his gf did nothing wrong, dont be a dick

KARMA IS A BITCH!!!! all the jackasses in high school will grow up to be nothing!!! Congrats douchebag!

YDIIIIIIII. man, didn't bill gates say something like this once - 'don't pick on nerds, you'll probably end up working for one'?

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well bill gates was probably a nerd too. there's a mlia like this. it's like: today a girl that always made fun of me durring highschool sent me a friend request on facebook. I tenatively excepted. she immediately wrote on my wall about the new job she has and how she is probably more succesful than me before unfriending me. I own the company that gave her that job.

Fire her! Actually no, that's just cruel (I wasn't being serious) karma will get her...

512... Bill gates was "probably" a nerd? Bill gates was one of the biggest nerds ever. Still is.

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512 I thoroughly enjoyed your story imagine how powerful the mlia person must have felt after that!

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528 And a lot of people work for him

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In this case I don't think OP is smart enough even to end up working for a nerd.

Isn't that statement statistically wrong? I actually heard that bullies are more likely to be successful than the ones being bullied (more confidence and some shit like that). I did not check up on that thought. Anyway, the saying is still bullshit. You should not be nice to people because you expect to get something from them in return. + I don't know why people assume nerdy = smart & successful. Just because someone is nerdy it does not mean they are smart/will succeed and not being nerdy does not mean you will not be successful. It's a stupid stereotype like people assuming someone is "dumb" just because they are very attractive.

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HAHA. I'm sure you're bald and fat too. YDI ******.