By kat101 - 04/10/2010 22:11 - United States

Today, my varsity swim team got second place in the State meet. My coach said I could bring the trophy home for the weekend. On the way home, I accidentally sat on it and broke it, cutting my butt. FML
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how do you accidentally sit on a trohpy? isn't big enough for you to notice it?


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good job ******* your team over, retard

take care of your butt. It's more important in the long run

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Good luck in the shower. Your team is gonna kill you.

LMFAOwned 9

it was small enough for you to sit on it?

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need butt stitches? there's an app for that.

KingDingALing 9

Don't drop the soap in the showers, OP. Or else you're gonna get raped with a strap-on. Maybe they'll shove the trophy up your ass since it already cut your ass cheeks.

At 109, psssh. Who uses strap ons? Haven't you seen these kids using those sticks with straw attached usually meant to sweep dust off of floors? -Fluffy McTiger

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76....well, it was 2nd place :-/

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You didn't get first?? You must suck, YDI.

KingDingALing 9

113- What? What kind of **** are you watching? :p

Sports can be a pain in the ass :P

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Black ppl r black. no pun intended

oh noooo this brought back awful memories of that 1guy1cup video.....aaarggzskdkejckejfnwjqoworoqodncnwkznej

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This is fake, im in nc and swim varsity and all of our seasons start next month.

no it was on the floor and the little person was higher than my seat so i came down on it sideways.. its actually a pretty decent size trophy

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Pikachu! Strike Ignorance with lightning bolt! iicaptain! Help me out and summon your Squirtle!!!

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You're all idiots. Except Ignorance.

Ignorance is right, why are you not being mature on

ohthebloodygore 16

iicaptain, no more Precious Love and Sunshine for you. You're all idiots. *facepalm*

Guess what? is a **** site. Jokes on me

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You disgust me, iicaptain. STOP COLOURING.

Your unnatural happiness is a detriment to society.

I don't know about that Ignorance, but if you want a silly mega masturbator from just send me the shipping and "handling" fee and Ive got you covered

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I agree with 97, can't trust a clown!

Iggy, you're looking like more of an old prude than your usual, lovably bitchy self. Something wrong?

Yeah, my mom gets irritable when tired too.  Wanna explain my idiocy? I'd love to get some help.

'Cause captain jacks threads like I write poems.

Alright, Ignorance. I've taken a mental note of your demands and will act upon them post haste.

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I laugh at the fact that this started by a pokemon :)

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this is why pokemon rock, kids. see? everyone shunned the non believer!


Ignorance, your name says it all.

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173, you're just ignorant. You're also an idiot.

the voices in my head said they want me to kill ignorance

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You are my hero. I just hope the swim person didn't say pika when the got hurt because that would be just awkward


Calm down, Sweetheart. :) Time to look for that strap-on you lost up your ass.

Oh look, it's an asshole being a downer on a thread started by someone with a pikachu picture. Shame.

Anyways... I'm confused by you, captain. Is there something I'm missing in your conversation?

pikachu used hand grenade! it's super effective! wait, shit. I don't think it's breathing... o_0

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Ignorance looks like she can take a DP. She's a feisty one. I bet her sitting action is totally wicked.

awh sorry hahah but u deserved it you were clumsy

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your gonna get it(: better go get first in another racr to makr up for what you did(:

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ouch? try explaining that one to the team.

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that's a really early state meet the Dawson must have started a while ago

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*season. dumb iPhone auto correct

sounds like something i would do. being clumsy is no bueno. fyl op

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how could a trophy be that sharp?

Maybe the trophy looks good, so you could say that it is sharp.

how do you accidentally sit on a trohpy? isn't big enough for you to notice it?