By howcanihelpyou - 14/08/2018 20:45 - United States - Wantagh

Today, while working as a receptionist at a doctor's office, my boss asked me to check in one more patient before I left. He paid his $50 copay in nickels and dimes. FML
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I'm gonna try being that "glass is half full" guy. At least it wasn't pennies.

To not pay the other 22 thousand ?


I'm gonna try being that "glass is half full" guy. At least it wasn't pennies.

Can you clear something up for us? Was he Asian? I have a stereotype bet going on.

Hey, OP here! No he was not Asian, and he wasn't too old either. Typical of my office to have such bad luck right as I clock out

Thanks, I lost 10 dollars

Will you pay the person you lost the bet to in coins?

Awesome idea. I will now

Did he have a crab attached to his nipple?

If this is supposed to be a recognizable reference, please explain, because it appears only you and one other person get it.

Any scenario where someone pays in coins reminds me of an old Looney Tunes short called "Wild Wife." There's a gag where a little old lady wants to deposit $200 at the bank--in pennies. She counts them out one by one too!

Wow you really got nickle n dimed to death 🤣

Count it out nice and slowly and carefully. You’re on the clock, right?

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I used to pump gas and when I worked the later shift no one pumped gas after me, we just had someone working inside. I hated leaving when a customer would pull up and see me pumping someone else's gas, so I'd pump theirs too. Some nights I had to eventually call it quits.

$50 copay? Whats the point of health insurance again?

To not pay the other 22 thousand ?

OP here. It is a specialist office, so it's usually more than an office visit to your PCP