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  kellandj2019  |  7

#49 it wasn't just the friends taking OP to the movies, because OP said "thought it would be hilarious..." They were trying to be cruel, which makes no sense at all. My advice? Get real friends, because they definitely aren't.


Yea losing a dog is like losing a family member. My first dog was 16 when we had to put him down. He had been around before I was born and I knew him my whole life :(
Best dog in the world <3

  Flutist  |  3

Not the best dog in the world. How would you know who is the best dog. I have three dogs and I think they are the best, but I would never be as dumb as to say &quot;my dog is the best evah!&quot;

  cameron194  |  9

205, in what way is the OP lucky.. He/she had to put their dog down at the young age of 11(dogs age, not OP) and then instead of having friends that console you and are sensitive to you're emotional needs .. They torture u by bringing you to a movie that's gonna rip your heart out and show it to you by the end of the movie.. I say you're the lucky one, your dog lived 3 years longer than the OP's did

  nisaa  |  0

he have some shitty friends that are obviously stupid. I mean, only stupid people joke about people's loss right after it happened. and sorry OP about your dog ):

By  perdix  |  29

I hated that dog! I've had dogs all my life and I thought Marley was an out-of-control bastard. That movie did nothing for me.

I'm sorry you had to put your dog down. I've had to put two down after 14 and 10 years. It's very hard, but when you have to do it, you know it's the best thing for your dog.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

Marley was a bastard because his owners did not train him correctly and did not know how to handle a stubborn dog. There are a lot of dogs out there that are not naturally &quot;good&quot; dogs, mine being one of the most tough, and you know what? I trained him and never have up. A year later, he's an awesome dog. Marley's owners never punished him for doing something bad (i.e. chewing on the couch, running off leash, fighting his owner for her underwear, etc.) and they gave up on training classes like after the first one. Do you know how many trainers my dog made feel scared? Two said that he was one of the most aggressive dogs that they've ever dealt with. You shouldn't feel bad for people who are not informed or prepared enough to have a dog, and I sure hope you're not lazy with your dogs like the characters in that movie, or it'd be a damn shame. Lastly, any dog that doesn't have aggression problems is already a dream come true, regardless of whatever problems they have. I'm sure you don't know this because you have never had a severely aggressive dog, but you would understand if you did. Any other problem a dog causes pales in comparison to being bit by your own dog just for trying to take bread or a tissue away from him. Wise up.

  echosong  |  16

Of course the movie is about a not so perfect dog in a not so perfect family... these days people just expect books/movies to have perfect endings and stories

By  Happygofucky  |  0

Your 'friends' are just plain cruel. That isn't funny at all. Anyone who has lost a pet knows how devastating it can be. My family recently had to put down one of our kitties who we had with us for over 20 years. My heart goes out to you OP.

  dragonaair  |  5

Wow! 20 years? That makes me happy that a cat can live that long. I have a cat called Misty and she's about 8-9 years old. I'd be so depressed if she died, it would be like a knife through my heart.

  Happygofucky  |  0

Yeah! He sure was a trooper :). It still feels like a member of our family is missing, especially since we got him before I even got my little brother hahah! My kitty is 15 now, and my little brother's cat is the same age as yours. Misty is such a cute name :D

  dragonaair  |  5

My cat was a stray and she has never once had anything wrong with her. She eats dry food all the time but we're making her eat meat food more often now... Her name comes from the previous owner (a friend of ours who found her), &quot;You can keep her on one condition, her name has to stay as Misty!&quot;