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  Isa_fml  |  20

Ew, thank God you didn't have to smell him in person then.

  kyu_Q  |  19

Not only hair. I feel he is uncircumcised the penis, like the vagina secretes stuff to clean itself. There is a buildup every and it will smell very unpleasant if left unwashed. plus there is all that dead skin from the scalp and poo toilet paper misses. I wonder if OP was having sex with him during that month. That 'after sex' smell is not nice the morning after.

  thespiantess  |  18

Every Thursday in Gym my class has to share the locker with another class. They are about 15 girls and none of them shower, they just rub baby wipes on their skin and use ridiculous amounts of perfume. It's nasty.

  SilverInGray  |  25

Some people have trouble showering for reasons other than being lazy or busy. A lot of times trauma can make it very hard to shower, and mental illnesses can cause it to be very difficult as well.

  countryb_cth  |  38

@57 I don't understand why you got down voted it is completely true. When my mom had a bad thyroid storm her depression acted up. And she hated showering because the feel of the water made her uncomfortable.

What can also cause not being able to shower often is medical illness, surgery, chronic pain or medication.
A medical issue could cause pain, can't get out of bed, feel sick or dizzy when standing ect.
Medication side effects could cause a side affect where after showering you could (usually happens with some pain killers) end up really hot and sweaty no matter how cold the shower is, its just from the shower itself (personal experience). Or to them the water feels to hot or to cold no matter what the temperature is. Or the medication could make the skin extreamly sensitive there for they can't shower because its painful. Could be that they feel depressed or anxious as a side effect and that prevents/inables them to get thr medication to shower.

There are a lot of reasons why some people prolong showers, may it be a mental, medical, hormonal, side effect of medication, trauma or just plain laziness. But a month is a little exsesive, and I don't get how OP didn't notice, like yah I know he used frebreze and all but what about his hair ? I mean I miss a whole two days and I look like the BP oil spill, so I don't understand. That being said this is in no way a YDI it's deffinatly a FML. Also OP I suggest going to the doctor and get tested for a UTI because a lot of UTI's are caused by either you or your partner being unhygienic.

  dragonkisses28  |  25

I agree #67. I happen to take pain medication for a chronic degenerative condition. It makes me sweat like a hog, and if my shower is too warm, It makes me sweat like I just finished some serious and I feel like I never showered to begin with. OP, I'm also did you not notice your boyfriend wasn't showering? I get 24 hours before my hair is so greasy I could supply a fast food fry cook with enough oil for a week. Is he bald? How did he get away with that?

  stevenN659  |  24

#5; That would mean you would need to train in the art of the ninja. And lets face it, who doesnt want to be a ninja these days? seems like a win win to me. haha