By jazthefish - 12/07/2010 19:42 - United States

Today, I drew a face on a balloon and pretended to make out with it. The balloon popped and shot to the back of my throat, where it got caught. FML
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Thats what you get for makin out with balloon boy. Damn pedo.

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Someone needs a life.


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kool nd you survived(:

haha you suck at kissing!!!

find a girl or a Teddy bear like a ballon that ur stupidness !

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Too intense?

ease off the teeth while making out, jaws. your practicing for boys not apples.

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If she finds a girl I want to watch.

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obviously the balloon wasnt feeling what you were feeling:P

tell everyone the guy you were getting it on with popped and his rubber exploded in your throat... you would only be halfway lying

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seriously?? that sucks..

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26 and 36 = Hilarious! :D

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YDI for making out with a baloon

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Well, at least you can just tell people it popped while you blew it up.

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it's ok op same thing happend w/ me but it was a water balloon fight and I got hit in the face

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Lmfao another one for my favorites. YDI for not using a grapefruit. P A T H E T I C (:

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sooooo ur dead huh?

well, i like the opposite sex, some like the same sex, some like animals, and some like balloons! my god what a strange world

hahaha you bitch I laughed for ten minutes

today, I made out with a balloon. fml

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your a fuckig idiot why would you practise on a ballon dumbass it's called a pillow

wow that is EPIC :]

I bet you also practiced having sex with another baloon and it poppe and got stuck inside you

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it looks like the balloon (puts on sunglasses) blew into you. did you swallow it? ;) jk

124 - was prepared to say this same thing minus the david caruso effect, but you beat me to it :)

Today, I was just sitting around when an ugly giant came in the room and attacked me by eating my response I exploded and somehow got lodged in her hairy throat. FML

Why you opened your mouth for making up for a ballon

making out* 

its called giving tongue, not teeth...

this made my day. :)

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what'd you do, bite it? lol

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You look like Georgia Lass in the show, "Dead Like Me".

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That comment was directed towards #36.


that's when u know ur doing it all wrong

this comment has only 3 letters, yet it has like 35 replies

105- or you know, maybe a real person.

She's really easy.. That balloon completely skipped second base!!

Thats what you get for makin out with balloon boy. Damn pedo.

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lol how wud that make her a pedo

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obviosly you don't remember when people thought the kid got caught in the homemade weather ballon

obviously fake. Assuming he popped I with his teeth, the wind would have shot it away from him, not down his throat. And also, if it got caught he would have choked and died

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115, actually, it depends on which way the balloon was facing. It's absolutely possible.

op u must be hideous fyl

#82 is really hot!

....nvm.. it was a dudes pic before . Hahaha

it keeps changing!!

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Someone needs a life.

no someone needs a relationship.

No someones to be smart enough to not make out with a balloon!

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Well. Imo, you can make out with whatever the hell you wanna make out with! :D Thats my philosophy anyways ;)

YDI for thinking a balloon would feel like a human.

i'm surprised they let you out of your straight-jacket long enough to do that you crazy bastard

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smooth move OP

hmm...genius at work

well that blew up in your face...

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I like the funny side of you

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Hahaha very punny. You see what I did there? ;)

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What do you mean "pretended" to make out with it? You DID make out with it, you latex-fetish freak! Keep trying until you can control your teeth well enough so the balloon lives through the ordeal. Otherwise, I'm not letting you anywhere near my junk.

lmaooo lonely much? Poor balloon! :(