By owwwww - United States - Piscataway
Today, I was having a really vivid dream in which I had to take a penalty kick to win the World Cup for the USA. I took the kick, but in reality, I smashed my foot against my bedroom wall and broke four of my toes. I also missed the kick in my dream. FML
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  Drigr  |  9

6, that's the real FML. "In the dream, I actually got to play." I feel OPs pain though.. I've kicked walls in my sleep before. I actually used to have a wobbly computer stand next to my bed til I kicked the monitor off it and it broke...


Shut your mouth 22! Beckham is a gift from God above, sending we who are yet unworthy to bask in the glory of David Beckham's fabulous ass. And abs. Too bad Posh can't enjoy them, the poor robot.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Ahh sorry OP. I've had vivid dreams like that. Except mine evolve peeing in a toilet and then waking up wetting the bed. I think everyone ha had one of those in their lives at least once.

I hope your tie heal fast OP. that really sucks you broke 4 of them. Might be time to get padded head and foot boards though!

  MURIKKA  |  11

What I wanna know is how he kicked, broke toes, and still stayed in that dream long enough to see that he missed the shot. OP must sleep like a freaking log.

By  LO388  |  7

At least you didn't miss it in real life. I'm pretty sure a broken foot is much less painful than what hardcore soccer fans would have done to you.

By  strawberrywine22  |  27

Ouch! Could have been worse though...I once dreamed I was a giant Easter bunny wearing boxing gloves and I punched my boyfriend in the face. I broke his nose and he wouldn't share a bed with me until it healed!