By Anonymous - 20/12/2016 04:02 - United States - Bend

Today, I had a feminine emergency. After scrounging up 4 quarters to use the machine in the women's bathroom, it dispensed a diaper. FML
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I don't understand why there is 184 'YDI' because she honestly couldn't help the sudden emergency. And before you say that she should've known to bring a pad sometimes feminine emergencies sneak up on me like that too.

That wouldn't work very well if you have a really heavy flow. Better than nothing though.


I mean, a diaper does the job too. Even better, in fact.

That's how you make it fit and wear it like a thong

At least you got something to fix it though. Either way, FYL.

If you carry a knife (i do) cut the tabs off the diaper and make it work

Next time, just ask another woman - I don't think I've ever been laughed at or refused (if they've had something) because we've all been there!

You got screwed! You should have gotten a French Tickler!

Someone didn't read the terms and conditions

Absorbent is absorbent. McGyver that bad boy and make it work.

When I first read that it dispensed a diaper I assumed someone had put a used dirty diaper in the machine. That would be even worse.