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It's like the world is rejecting their death.

The first time, you turn it off. The second time, you turn it off and apologise profusely. The third time, you get in your defective piece of shit and drive the fuck away.


It's like the world is rejecting their death.

Or the transformers are helping us mourn the dead!

It's the cars way of saying goodbye.

It's the ghost saying "You're next."

Spirits be hatin'.

I like turtles

3 times a charm

They say bad things happen in three.

Sorry about the loss,but you are a ass for leaving it on. Grow up and have some respect.

It must have been very alarming.

Disregard my previous comment. I didn't see #6 comment before posting :P sorry guys.

Leaving the car on? The car? Whose alarm goes off even when the car is turned off?

94- A car alarm only goes off when the car is off? That is the point of an alarm.

It could've been worse. Could have been your phone :D

Pretty sure the car alarm is worse. It's louder and more disruptive.

But its not your fault

1215116a 14

Yeah, you can turn off your phone or leave it in your car...a car alarm is WAY louder than a phone you can put on silent.

*Insert OP's shitty rap song ringtone here*

Or one crazy bass drop...

Try putting the car on vibrate

You guys obviously don't know what sarcasm is :P

Phone would have been disrespectful, while the car alarms just an accident.

That worse than the phone

79. I think its you dont know how to be sarcastic..

Well damn. Sorry bout your loss op.... Shit be sucky

Trying to wake up the dead OP?

"Shit be sucky"? I don't want to live on this planet any more...

Great comment!!! *sarcasm*

^Good thing you added that sarcasm at the end, otherwise I would have thought you were serious.

18 your comment was just brilliant. So much better than the crappy comment you replied to... Oh wait nvm.

How bout we get some love and compassion you dillweeds. ;)

#4 - your comment is pathetic. "wow, just wow" serves no purpose and is a meaningless comment. Please refrain from commenting things like that again!

Sounds like your car had a few last words as well .

Either that or there was a mischievous ghost at the funeral. The car senses dead people...

It's them danged neighborhood kids with their skateboards and their yoyo's

That must've been alarming!

Oh 28, I hope you're being sarcastic and actually got the joke.... But yeah, seems as though the car was tooting its own horn to try and get all the attention

I bet the corpse was trying to break into your car

The actual corpse?? Or did you mean the ghost?

^ He would have said ghost if he meant ghost...

Awkward! *nervous laugh*

It's a sign! The one who passed is trying to tell you something!

They were communicating in Morse code.

Three is the number of the devil.

Yeah, they were saying "I want your car"

I guess medieval jokes just aren't cool anymore.

Not when you can't even do them right. Three 6's are the numbers of the devil. Three 3's are the numbers of angels.

Was the funeral for a car thief? Or an avid GTA player? Some alarms are set to sense very low levels of larceny in the area.