By ScorpioQueen - United States
Today, I decided not to park in the parking garage on campus, in an attempt to save the $8 it would have cost me. Instead, I parked in a surface lot (about a mile away) and got a $50 parking ticket for not having a permit to park there. FML
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By  plexico  |  3

So you are out $42, but you got some nice exercise from walking that mile.

I'll guess that in NY a month of gym membership costs about that, and you would probably go only once, you fat-ass slacker, so consider it even Steven.

  f_u_u_f_f  |  0

Haha, I have to disagree with a Plexico comment. I think you are assuming that the OP is from New York City just because it says "New York" for location. In New York City, gym memberships (and everything else) is rather pricey, but not necessary in the rest of the state.

By  Cristaderzi  |  0

Well how is struggling to survive/ better her life being cheap??!!!
College is ONLY for the rich or super crafty financially wise people....
So yeah Fyl for the 50 dollar fine and fail to our capitalist pig society for keep us down f em all!!!!