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Today, I went to get an ultrasound of my reproductive system done because I was having some abdominal pain. Everything was fine until the tech suddenly gasped and said, "Oh my God! You have two uteruses! Want me to print off a picture so you can show them off to your friends?" FML
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No way! I know exactly what your going through. I found out today that I have two testicles!

that is as stupid as asking if having 2 dicks normal.


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that is as stupid as asking if having 2 dicks normal.

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not common but more women have it than you think.. it's not like two vag holes. it's normaly one hole and then there's a 'septum' creating two seperate uteruses.

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I've seen that before working in an odgyn clinic. That woman had no idea either. it's uncommon but not terribly uncommon. There is a lot of harmless variety in internal organs. BTW the woman I examined had two vaginas also.

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31, I bet one of them smelled like shit too?

It isn't common, but it isn't that uncommon. "It's uter-us, not uter-you"

"That woman had no idea either." "BTW the woman I examined had two vaginas also." Huh? I would think you should notice it if you have two vaginas...

yes it is, I am an obstetrician. It is just very rare

no it's not common but you can get pregnant 2 times at the sametime and bot have twins. they can be few days or months apart. so if you cheat on you boyfriend and you pregnant you still cab get pregnant.

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#62 you're an OB but were born in 95?? I somehow doubt that

@#5, you're right. My aunt had that, and got it fixed before she got pregnant. ...Of course, my aunt also has FOUR kidneys. And her first baby had none. That whole bloodline is kinda F'd up in the organ department.

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OP forgot to put in his FML... "i have no friends"

I agree. people get arrested for impersonating a doctor haha. probably not a good idea #62 (:

I agree. people get arrested for impersonating a doctor haha. probably not a good idea #62 (:

It's uncommon, like 0.5% if I remember right? Basically there is another uterus wall down the middle of one uterus (not two separate organs, but one organ sectioned into two) each side has one Fallopian tube, so it's uncommon that you can get pregnant in both sides unless both tubes release an egg that month. Also sometimes the ****** can also be split and there will be two separate cervix. It's called Uterus Didelphys. And no I'm not an obgyn, I'm not pretending to be one and I don't have Uterus Didephys. I just have an internal database of useless information :D

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People are down voting you but your right, if you have sex with two people in the same ovulation period, you can have two babies ,one from each father,but they are separate

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baby, why do you hate me so much? I was going to propose tonight ...

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No way! I know exactly what your going through. I found out today that I have two testicles!

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you print pictures out and show your friends?you better have!! two testicles is epic... you gotta share that with the world!!!

better be careful, he could make you the first.

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that's one more than Hitler! makmg you twice the man! and twice the dictator...... oh wait

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#65 why would you put it on the Internet if you didn't want people making jokes?

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So just because she's defending the OP, means she's the OP, right? Wrong.

#73, if you're referring to #69's comment, he meant 'you' as a general statement. like, why would anyone put it on the Internet if they didn't want jokes to be made. stupid.

#65 it's girls like you that for some strange reason reminds me of when my mom sucked the fun out of everything

hey guys! how many femenists does it take to change a lightbulb? It dosent matter! they cant change anything!

65, It's not as rare as you're making it sound. And there's nothing wrong with jokes. You can go ahead and be sympathetic to the OP, but there's no reason in attacking others over their fun. It's not hurting the OP in any way. I wish I had two uteruses. Then I could get rid of the one that's giving me problems. Well, with the assumption that both of them wouldn't have the same problem. I'd also love to have twins. But I suppose they're not technically twins if they're in separate uteruses... Also, the majority of men have two vaginal cavities. Just so everyone knows.

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1/100-1/200 women isn't that rare, and it's not serious, it doesn't affect having kids, it doesn't hurt, unless the Didelphys also affects their ****** most of the time they don't notice. Generally both sides can't get pregnant as the Fallopian tubes behave normally in that only one releases per month (usually). Though it can happen, and there have been cases, it is very very rare (probably as common as a woman with a normal uterus having both sides release). There is a higher risk of difficulties in the birth but nothing a c-section wouldn't solve. There are of course issues associated with all pregnancies/fertility which are no different if your bits are split or not, it happens to some people, not to others. 65 - don't overdramatise.

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Is it irregular for one ******** to be larger than the other two?

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65- Shut up, it's a harmless joke. ITS CALLED HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOR. OLD. Duck-face people these days...

Your horrible that's a serious prob you idiot

Ultrasound techs need to learn to STFU! When I was pregnant, one tech said a bunch of shit that got me worried & stressed out over nothing. Unless she has M.D. after her name, her mouth needs to stay shut!!!

Absolutely. A lot of clinics have a policy that the tech can not comment on the tests they perform for exactly this reason. It may be frustrating for many patients, who normally wouldn't be having tests taken unless there was a potential for something serious to be wrong with them, but it's been proven over and over than lab techs running their mouths cause more anguish and problems than if they just realized that it takes more than a lab coat to be a doctor.

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Ultrasound tech: "Everything looks pretty normal to me, except for the fact that the baby is currently in breach position, don't worry though. They usually change around closer to the due date." You: "YOU DUMBASS IGNORANT BITCH, IS THERE A F*CKING PROBLEM?!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING YOU AREN'T A DOCTOR YOU CAN'T TELL ME IF THERE'S A PROBLEM!!!12!!!ONE" Ultrasound tech: "ma'am, I've been doing this for 30 years. Honestly, this is not a serious issue, and your baby is perfectly safe at this stage. If, by the next few sono's it hasn't turned around, I'll grab the doctor and he can discuss the option of a C-section." You: "F*CK YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT QUIT RUNNING YOUR MOUTH AND GET ME THE F*CKING DOCTOR, NOW! I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO SOMEONE WHO HAS NO EXPERIENCE WITH ANYTHING AT ALL, EVER!!!!!!!"

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You do realize that ultrasound techs and lab techs are completely different, right?

lol apparently they don't, and hell if you had the equipment at hone you could self diagnose this one, it's harmless as well lol.

home* Also a sonographer requires a lot of medical training, they can often interpret the sonogram better than the doctor, the doctor also heavily relies on their input for the official diagnosis. I think you undervalue the amount of training on anatomy and all the rest is needed, that's like saying the guy who teaches the doctors anatomy doesn't know shit about the human body because he wanted to teach it instead of practise it. Honestly, there should be an IQ test before being allowed Internet access.

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A Womb With A View Now you have an excuse to have two husbands or boyfriends -- just make sure each one aims right or left the same way each time.

Probably not, it can occur with 1 vajayjay, and she prob would have noticed it :p

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The way this is phrased makes it sound like the OP is f'd because the technician wanted to take a picture... and not because she had two uteruses.

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Guess you're more of a woman than you thought you were =)

guess you are more orange than you though to be :-)

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who is being rude?! 35 is right!! she's freaking orange!!

You two obviously don't understand what an incorrect white balance setting and a camera flash will do to your skin tone.

yeah but you don't say stuff like that out loud or in this case write it out...I think she looks pretty

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all she needs is to die her hair green, and.... yeah!

that's awesome I don't see the fml here, if both are functioning you will likely release an egg in each uterus. having twins will probably be in your future

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or she might get pregnant while she's pregnant and if she's easy shell most likely have one kid from on guy and the other from another guy. its happened before.

yo dawg, we heard you like bein' preggo, so we made you pregnant while you were pregnant, so you can birth while you birth!

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That's gonna be a great ice breaker on your next date, better than do you know how mu h a polar bear weighs line.