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I think OP means it's going to take alot longer than six months to teach their dad how to use an iPhone.

I understand, OP spent 6 months teaching him to use his email and look at online newspapers (which is a pretty basic thing to do) so will now have to spend ages teaching him how to use his iPhone.


I think OP means it's going to take alot longer than six months to teach their dad how to use an iPhone.

...and? its not much of a FML

It is for some of us. (working at the IT help-desk is a paying job that ends at 5pm, helping you relatives with technology is pretty much a 24/7 deal with questionable benefits.) The trick is to keep a positive mindset, If you're under 18 this would score you might score you some brownie points (yeah, right), if on the other hand you are in college it's a nice shared activity (provided you don't use the classical definition of "nice")

now you can show him how to use his phone!

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and you live in your mother's basement.

hmm, I don't see this as an fml, really. I have an iPhone and it's really user-friendly. I'm on it right now. it won't take long to teach him that.

i have five minutes after i bought it i knew how to use

Your dad caught the technology bug, and thinks an iPhone would be fun to have. He used his money to pay for it (I assume). I wouldn't expect my dad to buy me an iPhone. They're expensive and the monthly plans too aren't cheap.

um big woop call the geek squad!

meh, my dad still thinks DOS is easier to use than a mac...

If you know your way around a text-based OS, it is!

Just because you guys are talking about that I will give you a cookie.

My mom doesn't know anything about computers or the latest electronics, but has no trouble navigating through my iPhone and its apps. Its really simple and you aren't giving your dad much credit for that. Alot of older people don't bother with computers.

The real FML is having an iPhone. Get something that can multitask and isn't crippled with Apple's DRM like an HTC HD2

The Iphone CAN multitask, dipshit.

Since when can the iPhone multitask?

since jailbreaking came arround.

Yes, the iPhone can multitask. I am running the FML app, Facebook, Mail, Beejive IM, and Safari, all at the same time. It can multitask.

Have fun if it ever breaks and you send it to apple and they keep it / don't fix it cuz it's jailbroken!

lmao this sucks

anonymous * I think the fml here could be because the OP wants an iPhone ?

Well, now he is probably ready to move on to online porn. I wish I could be there as you lecture your dear, old dad on the subtle differences between blowjobs, facials, cumshots and bukkake. I hope he is not too dense to grasp that a MILF can also be a BBW, but doesn't have to be.

I bestow upon you the most delicious Internet cookie ever baked. Enjoy it, it has a creamy filling!

Change your icon to Carlos Mencia. Now that would be funny.

Let's skip the cookies, and get straight to the Internet Cream Pie.

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