By please stop singing!!!! - United States - Windermere
Today, I got to spend 4 hours on a bus with a group of selfie-taking teenagers who spent the majority of the time trying to harmonize while singing various songs. I'm pretty sure half of them were tone deaf. FML
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  FucYoCouch  |  13

Oh yes, 5, our generation is TERRIBLE. The number of people graduating Highschool has significantly increased, teenage pregnancy has lowered tremendously, and racism isn't as strong as it was in past generations but a group of TEENAGED girls singing and taking "Selfies" ruins our generation. Just because you aren't into what other people of this generation are into does NOT make you any better than anyone else. Let them be annoying and "ruin" our generation because I'd rather have annoying people in our generation than doped out teens who do not care if they live to see tomorrow. Sorry for the rant but it really upsets me when people look down on this generation due to teenagers being teenagers -_-

By  bummervacation  |  10

You should have just joined in. Creepy strangers either act as encouragement, or a serious deterrent to teenage fun. And the more you "help" the more likely it is they'll relocate away from you. Next time, keep that in mind, k?

Actually, maybe never mind that. There are soo many ways this could go wrong haha

  tygerarmy  |  35

OP, if you didn't have headphones there are a lot of things you could've done.
Sing worse than them, off time, mess up the lyrics.
You can sing songs you like, and mess with their ability to sing.
You can obliviously take their pictures and record their singing.
Or any combination of the above and they'll probably stop.

And I really don't see how the police would get involved if the OP had joined in.