By Salliemae - United States - Manchester
Today, my boyfriend took my car on a 3-day vacation, stranding me in our extremely rural town. I have a box of ziti, a jar of expired pickles, no cable or Netflix, and no water since the well ran dry. Why am I here? "Someone needs to stay with the dog and feed the cows." FML
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By  Yudith  |  20

You can ride a cow to the next town and/or take the dog for a long walk and have the animal (s) carry some of the groceries. You could also rend a dozen movies and games and a videogame console. Better still, if you remember your boyfriend's credit card number, you can have the cable or a satellite dish installed while he's away and order a truckload of water, bath bombs, girlie drinks and snacks and throw yourself a little party while you're at it.

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Pickles are good for yrs past expiration date if you don't see what looks like white slime floating in jar there still good,and isn't it your own responsibility to make sure you have supplies on hand I live in a rural area to and always have jug's of water and canned goods in pantry daaa 🤔🙄