By FriutlessApple - 11/10/2013 15:18 - United Kingdom

Today, feeling bored and lonely, I drove into town to wander around the shops and go to Subway for lunch. While there, I picked up two trays and put one on the opposite side of the table, along with some of my rubbish, to make it look like I was with someone. FML
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narkill 13

Since when are people so obsessed about trying to impress random strangers? Who cares if you're alone or with someone?


narkill 13

Sorry OP, but at least you have no one else's rubbish to deal with.

I am pretty sure at this point OP would love to have someone to deal with.

Did you, by any chance, tell your coworkers a lie about where you really were and get caught eating by yourself?

Since when are people so obsessed about trying to impress random strangers? Who cares if you're alone or with someone?

Because some people were raised to keep up a Certain Façade, and it never changed for them

I don't exactly care what strangers think of me. Just what my friends think.

To be honest, I cant stand walking alone or being alone in public. For me I don't like when people look at me and they know I am alone. It drives me nuts. It just all depends on who you are. And for me I only have like 2 friends so I know how lonely OP feels, I suck at making friends and when I try to people blow me off all the time.

Humans and their friendship. The Master needs no, no one!

65, trust me, no-one cares or notices that you're on your own.

Maybe next time you could ask a friend/coworker/family member to go with you so you wouldn't have to pretend? Or you could enjoy spending time on your own and not need to constantly worry about what other passer-bys might be thinking.

#7- Such Wisdom! Tell me more, oh great one!

instead of moping about and PRETENDING to have friends, OP could actually go out into the world and MAKE friends

Probably her friends were busy at that time? Don't just assume people don't have friends because they're alone.

There we go, now that's where you were headed

Reminds me of the old pixar short film with the old guy playing chess with himself. Cheer up, OP, you never know when you'll meet a good friend!

Because there is no greater shame than eating a sandwich alone. Except maybe "eating a sandwich" alone, if you know what I mean.

Two problems here: 1) You don't need to impress strangers. Who the **** cares what they think. 2) Subway. Enough said.

perdix 29

#14, because they are ridiculously stingy with the meat! You could eat their Roast Beef sub and still be considered a vegan in 36 states! 5-dollar-foot-long? Bullshit! All that did was jack up the price on their only good deal, the Veggie sub.

My husband hates Subway. He says it's the smell. Each to their own I guess.

Wow. Around here they put plenty of meat on the sammiches. In fact when I picked up a double-meat sub for a friend of mine it was stuffed so full they had trouble closing and cutting it.

beelee1988 13

Simply requesting more meat doesn't hurt.

I used to like Subway. And then I graduated college and realised I could make a better sammich for 1/4 the price myself.

RedPillSucks 31

@22 I think it smells also. For the same reason, I don't like Subways... Call me naive, but I thought OP was going into the restaurants in the subway system (some of them do have restaurants) for lunch. Cause why the hell would you actually eat at "Subway"??

#19, But an average Subway sandwich contains a lot more real meat than a burger from McDonald's or Burger King.