By a - 29/03/2012 15:19 - United States

Today, my grandfather proudly informed me that the dump he'd just took looked like a tiger claw. He announced this during dinner, and told us not to flush it until he could take a picture. FML
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iFizzgig 11

Almost as legit as the free candy van

Clozzie 0

How to finish the fml: We dont own a camera. FML

I once took a dump that resembled the Blue Öyster Cult cross :3

commedia 16

You really think he'll be alive in 20 years?

olpally 32

It sounds like he's already at the Charlie sheen part of his life right now... He's "winning" with a tiger claw dump...

I was wondering what would happen if you drink tigers blood...

FMLshark 12

One of the many side effects of tiger blood...

Charlie Sheen in twenty years? Try Charlie Sheen now

This reminds me of the book Running With Scissors. Dr. Finch thinking his shit was a sign from god

JustDerpin 11

Well if it wasnt "Ew", I doubt OP wouldve posted this.

KeannaLove 32

Hey, he's just finding happiness in the little things in life. Albeit gross, but still.

perdix 29

Good thing it didn't look like a bear claw. To achieve such a perfect shape, he probably scored a Flawless Victory!

hey I ate a bear claw for breakfast! thought I'd share.

At least he didn't made you take a picture of it.

Imagine flipping through the photo album one day just to find that picture along with all the baby pictures.

"This is Johnny as a baby... this is Chloe... this is La-a Layby Scrabble... his parents were always a bit odd... and this is the Tiger Shit of Destiny! Do you want to know the legend of the Tiger Shit?"

"3 Pounds, 12 Ounces. About a quarter of an hour of labor."