By toryzhere - 29/03/2012 11:13 - Canada

Today, I had a job interview. I have major OCD, and I had to sit in a room with a man covered in cat hair, struggling to even survive for an hour and a half. FML
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I get it. It's just not funny.

So you have compulsive disorder obsessive? 1. Not funny 2. Trying too hard


Why would the boss be even covered in cat hair o.O. Hope the interview went alright thoughZ

that sucks:( hopefully you get the job:)

but why was the man covered in cat hair

I'm gonna go ahead and assume it was because on his way to the job interview he met a cat.

bd1012 18

He probably owns a cat and and the cat hair detected he was on his way to an important interview so it flung itself at him until he was covered. You laugh, but cat owners know it's true :p

16 is totally right once you ever own a cat, even years after the hair comes from nowhere!

So this is how we're gonna die. When cats invade us, we're gonna be asphyxiated by their human tracking hair. Interesting.

Don't worry if you don't get the job. I feel this is not the right job for you.

I have OCPD (similar in many ways to OCD) also and if you get a good doc who can find the right combination of meds for you, you will be able to enjoy life, excel at work, and sit through just about anything without your obsessive thoughts controlling you and leaving you unable to focus. I used to believe that psychotropic drugs/ antidepressants/ mood altering pills were the devil and I suffered for years in silence, but since I've been on medications life has been much easier and more fulfilling. It's worth getting help especially since it will help you keep this job (if you get it), or get a job (if you don't).

A book called brain lock is also a good one. Has some cbt tools that ate quite effective.

Who comes for a job interview with cat hair all over them? And you have OCD? I have CDO it's like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order... Like they should be...

So you have compulsive disorder obsessive? 1. Not funny 2. Trying too hard

Also, I don't have OCD myself but if I did, id imagine I'd be pretty pissed that someone was making fun of me like that.

Yep, I find it highly offensive because I do not chose to have this and I am working my arse off to get better. Comments like this frustrate me.

26 *choose and *ass I hate arse

Shut up, you dumb arse.

Torva_fml 16

Seriously, what an arse... Not the time to be a grammar Nazi!

I apologize, but please, take a joke.

53- Oh god, that is so far from a joke. How about, "The Story of the Chicken Who Was the Butt of Everybody's Joke Because he Tried to Cross the Street"? That one always cracks me up!

bertman21 5

I noticed alot of you are really sensitive to small things like them being a grammar nazi chill its supposed to be a fun funny app don't make it into this serious shit gawd

Well I thought it was funny.

76 and 80, if that was directed towards me in any way, then I thank you.

bfsd42 20

3 was very funny. I seriously don't think he meant any offense. It was a well thought out joke. If you are offended, you need to chill.

This comment sucks because Perdix has said this before... Get a fucking brain and think up something else.

robinhood007 9

83 that joke is old...he didn't think out anything but whether or not to be an asshole.

Listen, I did not mean any harm. If it cause offense to you did then I'm sorry. But please don't make a big massive deal about it! It was a joke! If you think I'm an asshole then you are free to do that. But don't get in a dither and panic about how rude the comment was.

The only thing that weirds me out is when they say happy Christmas and merry birthday.

Hey BMW guy, if you're going to be an insensitive grammar Nazi at a time like this, then you may want to proofread your profile, because you are AN ass, not a ass, but in this case arse is acceptable : )

I was being an arse just correcting spelling , I suck at grammar I'm sorry :(

hey I'm OCD and stuff like that bothers me like stuff on peoples clothing!

Nice one. I don't know why this got so many negative votes. It's awesome.

Thank you 115. Thank you.

sweetbabysweet93 10

What kind of ignorant bastard are you? Unless you have OCD you have no right to make jokes about it. Rot in hell you prick

119.... Are you kidding me? I Really hope you come to your senses one say about what you just said over what I said. You are an asshole.

So you're saying you have "CDO" because everything is in alphabetical order, so should every thing you type look like this 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'?

Cat hair... or pussy hair? If you know what I mean...

No one gets what I mean. Me Gusta

I get it. It's just not funny.

aimeesea75 16

Man, everyone gets it. It's just stupid.

musicplaysall 5

If it's not likely for someone to come to an interview with cat hair all over them I sincerely doubt it would be pussy hair.

abbyabb 4

-69 o.o

I'm pretty sure we get it, just want to clarify that for the 5-6th time just to make sure you get it.

snowmount07 6

I don't think you should work there

You could have told him you're allergic to cat hair. That would've clued him in to get rid of the hairs himself before continuing the interview.

At least you made it OP and hopefully you get that job

Yes, congrats to you, OP. Really, some people are just so used to being covered in pet hair that they don't even notice it and are oblivious to the fact that others may have issues. I think it's a good idea to tell that person that you have pet allergies and perhaps that will motivate him to at least brush himself off before going in to work. While it isn't exactly true, most people are more sympathetic to allergies than they are to OCD (my sister-in-law also has severe OCD so I know how it is). Good luck to you. Even if you don't get the job, you should be proud of the fact that you made it through the interview under those conditions.

rightside5 2

This sounds more like you were trying to survive because of allergies.

I hope I didn't cross the path of too Many OCD persons then ^^; (we have so many cats it's IMPOSSIBLE to not have any of their hair on our clothes and food)

melonrind 8

If you are ok with eating cat hair..... You need to get rid of some of them ... Cat hair in food= not the norm ... *barf you are going to shit a hair ball

And I don't think 1-2 hair by meal Will actually do anything. It never did so far *shrug*We've Always had at least two cats in the House since I was born. I was practically raised by cats! (and normality is totally overrated)

Same problem at my house. It really sucks too cuz on of my best-friends is allergic.

Just walk out and come back with a lint roller hand it to him and walk away