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  rallets  |  22

everyones talking on the phone and driving nowadays. wish i could just slam into them and blame it on them. theyre on their phone, i think ive got a pretty good case. haha


No that has nothing to do with it. Having a vagina is clearly the leading cause of car wrecks. Phones have nothing to do with it. I forgot where I was going with this joke...


Lol it'd be funny if you took someone to court for that.
"Judge, she is clearly at fault here"
"Do you have any evidence?"
"Yes. She has no penis. She clearly cannot drive."
"I object!"
"Well he was drunk and on his phone. Plus he's blind."
"Oh yeah? Well at least I have a penis."

  LK4D4  |  0

no u don't 33. ur just one the those girls who is oblivious to all others on the road. it's not ur fault is just u and the Rey of the female species.

  Anaxes  |  5

Ah, wonderful, more women conforming the crappy woman driver stereotype as well as the stereotype they can't shut the hell up for 10 minutes.

#50, that made me laugh.

  kaiser67_fml  |  0

#5 and others that can't drive with one hand, its called a standard. Not that hard. Bitches need to get off thier phones though, can't drive well already. Why make it wors?

  ladiesman14  |  0

there are 2 types of people who talk or text while driving. Pussy Whipped Guys and Whore Girls with erotic ads on craigslist. telling yourself this will make you less mad while you pass them. try it.

  Lythiaren  |  8

Agreeing with 105. Stereotypes have to come from somewhere, and idiots like these serve only to support those stereotypes.

You think it's bad enough having a vagina on the road? I had the tremendous misfortune to be both female and Asian. It's like I'm genetically predisposed to be the shittiest of shitty drivers.