By nobodywasthere - / Tuesday 12 September 2017 01:30 /
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  bartsj1988  |  7

It literally is impossible now to not offend ANYONE. No matter what is said, someone somewhere will cry and take offense. Grow up and deal with it. It's called real life.

  17uc17  |  3

that's not the only reason to need a seat. balance, trouble standing, etc. also, some disabled people can't stand without getting dizzy but can walk just fine.

  core01  |  27

I imagine two people suffering physical ailments, who probably look perfectly able-bodied from all outward appearances, silently cussing out the other as "not handicapped enough".

  LexiD19  |  25

That's what I was thinking. I look healthy and can walk normally, but have many horrible back problems. This man could be in the same boat and just didn't want to explain.

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