By nobodywasthere - 12/09/2017 01:30

Today, I rushed onto the metro to get to work. I found there were no seats left and asked a perfectly healthy guy to let me sit in the handicap spot. He refused to because "being tired" was a handicap characteristic. I have one leg. FML
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Shoulda said you lost your leg on 9/11. Make him feel like a ******* ********.

Was it obvious, or did you have a prosthetic covered with pants?


Was it obvious, or did you have a prosthetic covered with pants?

17uc17 3

you should assume that the person asking is disabled anyway. not all have visible disabilities.

nobodywasthere 7

Shoulda said you lost your leg on 9/11. Make him feel like a ******* ********.

He’ll just lie right back to you and say he lost his mom in 9/11. Mom trumps leg. That’s the rules of liars’ poker.

If you were on your way to work, presumably you were not tired. Looks like a tough call for the priority of the seat. Is one leg, not tired > two legs, tired?

Dude, you really need to think before you type. Try not to offend anyone.

What’s offensive? I just asked a question.

It literally is impossible now to not offend ANYONE. No matter what is said, someone somewhere will cry and take offense. Grow up and deal with it. It's called real life.

Exactly! And nowadays being offended seems to be a popular hobby.

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that's not the only reason to need a seat. balance, trouble standing, etc. also, some disabled people can't stand without getting dizzy but can walk just fine.

He could be a bag of dicks, or he could actually have that disorder where you randomly fall asleep at any time.

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I think the handicapped spot is only reserved for people with physical disabilities

Any illness is a physical handicap. You can get a permit to park in handicap spots for certain illnesses.

If you have a prosthetic one, you should have taken it off and then asked "Well then, can my leg sit there?"

Seems kind of presumptuous of you to say he's a "perfectly healthy" guy.

I imagine two people suffering physical ailments, who probably look perfectly able-bodied from all outward appearances, silently cussing out the other as "not handicapped enough".

That's what I was thinking. I look healthy and can walk normally, but have many horrible back problems. This man could be in the same boat and just didn't want to explain.

17uc17 3

he said he was tired. and no one else offered either.

You should present the argument that you truly deserve the handicapped seat. He will lose that debate because he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Wait...

Dude, every one of your comments is just hilarious! They are always so funny and clever. Keep it up!

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He seems upset that the guy sitting the seat had a leg up on him.

Gotta love the lazy-ass Special Snowflakes...