By darkestbarbie - 05/04/2012 19:01 - United States - Decatur

Today, I took a pregnancy test. I waited the longest two minutes of my life just to realize I missed the stick. FML
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darkestbarbie tells us more.

Who is to say that I am stupid? Just because I am young does not mean I am stupid. I am not a teen mom. I will take responsibility if I am pregnant. Not just pawn them off on someone else. It's people like you who piss me off.


icrest80 4

Well she didn't exactly piss on...

Unless youre pissing on a prego stick.

KiddNYC1O 20

The piss was definitely off!

Sounds like a great time for a funnel...

By not aiming at the right angle to hit it.

Let's hope that the 'stick' missed OP ;)

It's actually pretty difficult pissing on a little ass stick. Girls can't aim their piss :/

108, obviously. They are not in posession of a penis. Uh, well; most of them aren't. You know those women who collect severed penis collections...

Collect collections. Wow i'm on a roll.

MissHayleyJames 7

We can't aim our piss stream but we can move our hands to put the stick in the stream. It's not exactly rocket science.

It is difficult to get it in a cup, but the stick should be a bit easier. If she was anxious or forcing a small amount of urine then it's not outrageous. Also what the **** is up with all the YDI votes, I'm guessing 90% of this site is composed of teenage dumbasses who don't realize some people are *trying* to get pregnant..?

Congrats on the baby or sorry your having a baby OP

Who said they are having a baby at all? Even OP doesn't know (at least not on her first attempt) if they are, how would YOU? Oh, and it's "you're"*.

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ters19 10

Actually that was te correct form of your so back off home skillet

Actually, no, it was not the correct form of the word. "you're" would be correct. "You're having a baby." That's correct.

dethbunny 0

Ibanana, hilarious how your picture matches your question.

kguilmette 1

Read the post again. It said OR. Congrats OR sorry. So before you're an ass make sure you know what you're reading.

118- you read the comment again. They weren't fixing or. They were saying it is you are not your.

melibear89 7

Who the **** cares if it's your or you're. It's the damn Internet and they are not going to write like they have in school. Grammar nazi's **** off you aren't going to succeed in making the millions of people who don't spell correctly on this site and the Internet for that matter spell the way they are suppose too.

KittyJay 3

Don't feel too bad... Women can't aim, remember?

She should invest in a penis. I've been very happy with mine ever since I got it calibrated.

Strafeh 9

What store did you buy your penis at?

Well, those are well-known, reputable sites. However, I bought my penis, and the surrounding paraphernalia, where I received a complementary aiming scope and a three-year warranty as well.

shrdlu 28

The hard part is getting the baby out through the penis.

Really #79? I got my penis from and I didn't get anything with it, just a coupon for Instavag.

I was born with a rather large penis; I guess my dad pre-ordered it.

stephanieeDawnx 0

I got mine from Spencer's. It's in the back.

joker72401 1

That's just plain funny! Bought my GF one. She was pissed because it was a 8". I'm 9". Thats dumb, right??!

heyitslexx 3

Fail lol. But if you're hoping to be pregnant, good luck! But if you're not... You might wanna try condoms next time..

Maybe your husband/boyfriend has just as bad aim?

Not as good as guys who miss the toilet pissing...

didn't look to see if you were hitting it?

No, I did. I found out later it was a bad test.

youngbuck10 9

That sure makes sense. You said you missed the stick, not that it was a faulty test.

Whoa what's with the OPs posting in the comments all of a sudden.

66 - they can do that, just doesn't happen that often

Cause at the time I was posting this I didn't realize it was a faulty stick.

So why does it say 0 out of 3 FMLs posted if you're the OP ?

She submitted it without first logging in.

This is how women have babies full term and give birth without knowing they're pregnant. "omg my turd looks like a baby...and it cries like one too...?" Good you noticed, OP.