By InTheDoghouse23 - United States
  Today, my wife and I had another couple over. My wife was beside me while we all talked in the kitchen. I turned to put something in the fridge, and the other couple went into the next room. Turning back, I groped my wife's breasts playfully. She screamed and slapped me. It wasn't my wife. FML
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Ok, no, my joke wasn't meant to be that perverted. I was just saying that I wouldn't mind making a sandwich since you're a lady... I guess it doesn't make sense much; but it's because I'm being like "oh how cute, she wants a sandwich. I guess I'll make one'


I've had that before. I was at my girlfriends house and I was inches from grabbing her almost identical sister's ass. I was just relieved that I caught it in time. So OP I'm gonna say FYL because if they look similar it's hard to prevent those accidents.