By Tess - United States - Burlington

The Haunting of FML House

Today, hidden deep in my husband's closet, I found a shrine dedicated to a woman named Felicity. After further investigation, I saw printouts of my husband's detailed fantasies of phone sex conversations with Felicity. Felicity was his first wife, and has been dead for nine years. FML
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  Levi2411  |  39

While I agree, I don't think he should have married her if he was still in love with his wife who has passed. Grieving is horrible, but not everyone can cope with knowing something like that. He should have waited until he properly mourned and was able to let go.


She didn’t say anything to be heartless, you’re projecting and making asshole assumptions.

Finding out your husband has a shrine to someone and has hidden it away is devastating. Obviously it’s not out of malice or anything but it still hurts. You’d probably say he was an asshole if the first wife was still alive, but no because she’s dead suddenly she’s at fault for having feelings.

Show some fucking compassion huh? Fuckin hypocrite.

By  Dale Gulley  |  8

I had a female friend who lost her husband. She got a tattoo on her chest with his name on it. She later re-married. Still has the angel tattoo. Would that be considered a shrine?

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

It's not like she cheated on him or left him or he has a reason not to love her. She died and he's devastated and you're not his first love. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, just that he didn't stop loving her.