By Ms. Heartless - 16/12/2011 00:37 - United States

Today, I was riding the subway, reading a book, when a woman suddenly shoved a flyer over my book. Aghast by her rude gesture, I declined to take the paper. I looked over and noticed it was a flyer for a missing girl. FML
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Still no reason to just shove it over op's book. I'm sure if the woman handed it normally, op would understand.

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In sure I would have done the same thing


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Not particularly, I'd be taken aback if someone thrust a piece of paper into my face without so much as a how do you do. Manners cost nothing in any circumstance. :)

I agree with 5. If anything, the person handing out the flyer should feel silly..and on top of that, get some manners

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Am I the only one who pictured a guy riding on top of a subway? Lol I'd be like wee!!

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31 - I imagine even if IT WAS her daughter, common courtesy would HELP her plight. And being rude to random strangers wouldn't make me feel any better...

No actually the woman, no matter the situation, should have come about that better than shoving the flyer in your face. I would appalled as well if someone did that to me. Its called having manners, which a lot of people apparently dont.

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Only excuse I see for just shoving something in front of someone, is if you're mute. The lady should have easily had enough time to say SOMETHING by the time she had the flyer in Ops face. Wouldn't make it any less rude saying anything, but at least Op would have had some idea of why a stranger is shoving papers in their face.

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Which is why OP acted that way....

Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you* I believe you mean #2 but I would be very hasty to act if someone rudely thrusted a sheet of paper in my face, they would be lucky if I didn't rip the paper up. I'm sorry that it ended up like that OP but you did the correct thing in that situation.

do unto others as i do to myself? omg i have to pleasure everyone?!

I would've told her to ask for my attention before you above stuff in my face. I have a violent problem, no matter what it is I would've resorted to violence as a act of self defence I'm sorry but I have a very strange feeling of the slender man always with me and it scares me shitless. But you had done the right thing an the wrong thing at the same time op

#2 - Do not quote scripture from the Ten Commandments if you can't even get the wording correct.

If it was different words, it's not a quote. Smartass

Still no reason to just shove it over op's book. I'm sure if the woman handed it normally, op would understand.

Maybe the woman was in a frantic search for her little girl?

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If by frantic you mean she had time to make flyers, then yes, I'm sure that's it!

I'd assume every passing minute that goes by with your child missing would get the woman more concerned if it was her daughter. The more time she's had, the more frantic she'd get I asumed, since it could mean the further her daughter had gotten away, but if you don't give a shit, that's fine by me.

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And maybe someone will give you one for a better brain! You know so you can actually understand the fmls!

Lmao OP has a "bad heart" because they didn't take kindly to bad manners? Come on now...

12- and a flyer for better courage for the cowardly lion!

Actually this comment was referencing the OP's username...

Exactly. Someone gets it. I was referring to OP's name. Gosh. You guys need to get a brain.

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Well she could have at least told you what she was doing...I don't blame you for your reaction

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Agreed. As long as you show manners, the other will more than likely respect you. On a side note, you have some crazy nice eyes. That's all.

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39- you're supposed to keep those kinds of things to yourself on here >.>

Why would you just shove a flyer over someone's book? This is kinda rude, she should've handled it better.

Dude if i lost a kid i wolden't be thinking of how i was giving out the dlyers i would be more concerned to see if someone saw her/ him woud you seriosly be concerned for the pirfictly fine person reading a book?

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46 - if you're main priority is finding out if someone has seen her, that's a GOOD reason to be courteous. You'd get much further.

#46, please work on your spelling, I can take a lot (and make a lot of mistakes myself), but really? "pirfictly"? Anyway, yes, the mother (assuming the missing child is hers) should be concerned about the fact that the OP was reading a book. If she wanted the OP's attention that desperately, she should've politely asked for his/her attention and THEN given the flyer. Believe me when I say that you get more done from people when you're actually polite and show respect.

If someone did that to me (or something similar) while I was reading I'd rip their head off for bothering me and being so rude about it. I hate being interrupted when I'm reading, even more so if it's in an unpleasant way, and by a stranger. You don't get to decide that your problems are more important than what I'm doing, that's completely egotistical and rude. (I'm not saying a missing child isn't important, btw, just that the woman shouldn't have decided that a missing child gave her the right to interrupt what OP was doing so rudely. For all she knew OP could have been studying/memorizing it for something that was very important to the OP, and she ruined their concentration.)

Yes, I'm sure OPs book was more important than the life of a child. Definitely. #95

You didn't do anything wrong OP. and you looked over at the flyer so you now know what the missing girl looks like. That lady needs people skills.

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Why would she shove a flyer over your book? I get that its sad a girl is missing but you dont have to be rude to other people to get your point across.

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I'm sure if that was the mother of that girl being polite was her top concern.... If my kid was missing or a kid I knew being polite would be my last concern. Sorry but I wouldn't give a damn about you finishing that paragraph.