By Moose - 07/12/2012 17:06 - United States - Charleston

Today, I found out that storing a partially empty bowl of ice cream in the freezer overnight along with the spoon, and then trying to take a bite the next day, can have the same effect as sticking your tongue on a flagpole in the middle of winter. FML
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I'm not gonna lie. I find that hilarious.

At least you didn't shoot your eye out...


Sometimes people like you that use big words in something that doesn't need to have big words just to show off how "smart" they are, annoy me.

Your words hurt my head 1. >~

28- The word for such rambling is pleonasm. (No seriously, the commenter is named after the word). And 1, quit with your sesquipedalians! Sheesh, people using big words to sound smart...

... Which word are y'all fussing about -- "detrimental"?

#33- He lost me when he wrote 'effects'

38 - Sometimes people like you, who have no intelligence and get frustrated over "big words"(actually very simple vocabulary) are frustrating enough.

28* Furthermore, one does not "use big words to appear smart" unless it is obvious they use it out of context and appear as an arrogant asshole. However, it is clear my vocabulary is correct, and, as you might also not be the brightest, you should silence yourself.

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40- You are presenting yourself as an arrogant asshole. Dude got his tongue stuck on a spoon. Does that really warrant the phrase "Knowing the detrimental effects of such a condition"? I would've let it go if you didn't find it necessary to post two additional comments talking down to people on the thread. We get it. You have a well developed vocabulary. There's nothing wrong with that, just don't be a douche about it.

1, You may be using your vocabulary in the right context, but is it necessarily proper? No, because it's not necessary at all. That's like doing this: "Would you like a cup of water?" "In the dire circumstances in which you may be parched, would you be most pleased to accept a small cylindrical contraption holding the very essence of your survival, the common combination of hydrogen and oxygen, to quench your thirst?"

While you, and possible the vast the majority of the populace prefers to use derogatory and crass language, it does not mean everyone must. I would rather not degrade my own intelligence and vocabulary for simpletons to identify with or be a thumb whore.

unknown_user5566 26

51- HAHA. Are you kidding me? You realize you're being derogatory too, right? You're calling us "simpletons" because we aren't portraying ourselves in a pretentious manner. You sir are simply a hypocrite hiding behind his pretty little words. Until you can come down off of your ridiculous pedastal, go back to reading your dictionary, or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

I'm not gonna lie. I find that hilarious.

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My question is more towards why even attempt it? Has our country really fallen far below the average intelligent levels? Oh and that's cold OP.. No? Oh well.

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Ice cool

I've done that before but the spoon only stuck to my tongue for a second which I shrugged off.

I am gonna lie. I did not find that hilarious.

Yourheadache 19

Dumb and dumber,,, anyone??

West Ver-fucking-gina...

I've done this many times. And I've never had this problem. I find as long as you only let the spoon part that was in ice cream touch your mouth it will be fine.

Metal is metal. Be more careful next time OP!

Wait, just to be clear, metal is not cotton?

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Then explain steel wool to me!

27: Lick a frozen pole and your tongue will stick to it. A metal spoon is the same material but much smaller. Obviously the same thing was going to happen and OP was too stupid to figure it out.

Progressive is my favourite metal.

39: 27 used sarcasm. Couldn't you tell in his tone?

39- 27 used sarcasm! But it failed!

I would laugh at myself for even trying it :p

At least you didn't shoot your eye out...

unknown_user5566 26

Best Christmas movie ever. I applaud you for making that reference.

winkydog4056 16

#47_Yes, Ms. kyleekay. Winky sure does agree, best Christmas movie ever! Deck the halls with bars of hary, fra ra ra ra, ra ra ra

That happens to me and then I get scared for like a split second. Lol. Hot water works tho.

cicpjaky 6

Freezer burned tongue, no thank you

astralvagan 20

I double dare you!

@10 I TRIPLE dog dare you!

Kids call it a triple-dog dare Presidents call it an executive order.

crazytwinsmom 25

No shit Sherlock!