By crapedup - 10/10/2011 23:11 - United States

Today, I mentioned to my wife that we should try marriage counseling. She responded by denying it while throwing a carton of milk at me. FML
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Throw cookies back at her? That's how we solve things in my household.


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Whole milk or 1%? if it's that Soy shit divorce her

Sounds like your attempt at reconciliation was an udder failure.

i agree with 11. maybe it's just time to moove on. instead of cow-ering, grab the bull by the horns and head to greener pastures.

3- It's so damn hot today... Milk was a bad choice.

Oh please, 10. Soy is MUCH tastier. Besides with about 25% of white americans and 75% of international adult populations estimated to be lactose intolerant, it would be much more considerate if it were a soy-based beverage.

#51 Your statistics must be part of that 80% of them that are made up.. Seriously 75% of the entire worlds population? of the 50+ people I know personally, only 1 is lactose intolerant.

That's strange. Because of the 50+ adults I know, 13 of them (excluding myself) are lactose intolerant, 7 of them aren't, and with the rest I don't discuss gastrointestinal events/don't drink milk products anyway. Your statistics isn't the statistics of the world. citation: -Lactose Intolerance, Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 19, No. 90002, 165S-175S (2000) by Tuula et al. -estimates from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) of the NIH (USA) -and a review by Gudmand-Hoyer E in published on The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1994)


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Regardless of the lactose intolerance rate, soy milk tastes like ball sweat in comparison to real milk. If you use it in cereal you don't really notice, but if you drink it it tastes terrible. I'll keep my liquid cow fat thank you.

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Shut the **** up 58 no one cares!!!!!

Apparently someone did enough to comment on it. I think you missed a few exclamation marks there though. I for one find Soy milk delicious...except in coffee, that's just disgusting.

That's code for: Who gave you permission to speak?!

Throw cookies back at her? That's how we solve things in my household.

Especially with the Closing in of 2012 ...

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They still make milk in a carton?

Where the he'll do you live? All it comes in is a carton or jug.

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I only see it in a jug...I think

No, its only packed in a carton. Milk is made in boobies

Where I'm from milk comes in bags. No lie. I don't drink milk however.

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#20. Here, too, I guess, and some do call them "fun bags," but I prefer calling them *******, boobs or gazongas.

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We still have glass bottles at certain stores; Byrne dairy, being one of them.

No need for marriage counselling! It sounds like it would be better to go straight to divorce...

There's still a chance that their marriage could work. It's when dinner plates start flying that divorce is a feasible option.

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WHY do people around here just jump right to divorce?

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Can't you see that's effort on his part? Poor guy...

Cause bitches don't get less crazy with age.

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Healthy relationship you seem to have there.

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At least it wasn't canned fruit or something.