By therundown - United States
Today, while in line at a gas station, I felt something on my shoulder. I turned around only to see a woman behind me pulling the sunburnt skin off my shoulder. When I told her to stop, she yelled, hit me with her purse and ran off crying. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

At some point, the dead skin attaches to healthy tissue; at that point, she could have pulled off live skin. She would have been crying alright... because my foot would have been firmly lodged up her ass.

  squishy01  |  0

Thank you 209. I was diagnosed with a form of dementia, and almost no one can tell. I just have some "special" moments. Yes, when you have mental issues, you can lead a normal life.

  SeedlessMe  |  13

DolphinCheddar, that was a bit harsh, no? He wasn't saying anything bad about her, just that she may have some issues..
You're the one that's being rude! ....Dang

By  grapisy  |  8

Was the woman skinny?

By  DudeBTM  |  8

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  iLoveUnionJ  |  8

SHE WAS PEELING SKIN OFF OPS BACK!! WHAT WAS OP SUPPOSED TO DO? "Oh yes random lady, I'd be more than happy to stand gere while you peel me away."
Its just not normal.

By  VeganVampyre  |  26

Ew... Who does that? My dad asked me to peel the dead skin off his sunburn once, and that was gross enough. I certainly wouldn't be doing it to some random stranger! Sorry you had to deal with such a creep, OP. FYL

  Ace021  |  0

Well. Honrstly I was boref and decided to read something, but when I read ur bio, it sounds that ur a really great person, amd nice. Hope we can talk sometime