By therundown - 20/07/2011 13:38 - United States

Today, while in line at a gas station, I felt something on my shoulder. I turned around only to see a woman behind me pulling the sunburnt skin off my shoulder. When I told her to stop, she yelled, hit me with her purse and ran off crying. FML
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That's a weird fetish...

Did she eat it afterwards?


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Gratz, want a cookie?

PopRocks14 0

nah, he wants a medal.

juicedboi 7

Yeah I know it isnt related at all but your hair is pure awesome. Wish more women were into that look

Agreed with juiced

Prankster7o7 5

Most women aren't into that look because most of the time you can't get a respectable job looking like that, no offense. :)

Or fried chicken?

Or fried chicken?

Possum_Gurl 13

12- lmao!!!!!!

first is the worst, second is the best, 3rd is the one with the hairy chest!

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I thought I was second until I actually posted my comment and realized everybody before was just a split secound faster

Petunia888 13

I'm not gonna lie; I mostly liked this comment because you're vegan and you're from Canada. =)

my mom used to pick my sun burnt shoulders and back

That's a weird fetish...

kellanlvr 1

some people like when you pull off the skin though, my friends ask me to do it for them all the time

what kind of freinds do you have?

well it's ok if you let your friends do it, but random stranger at gas station? creepy..

That is really, really weird! Ewww, I can't even imagine that happening to me. FYL!!!:(

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that is disgusting

I place mirrors around my private areas just for this reason. Plus there's the upside of chamomile lotion!

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ya didn't have to make her cry...shame.

kaylaaa1312 3

thumbs up if you'd freak out on her too haha

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lmao that's lovely...

I modded this ^^

Maybe she was getting it for the bird that likes to eat dea skin?

She probably just has mental issues... but OP was unlucky

That's ******* weird bro.

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85 please don't ask for thumbs up. I see that on YouTube and I do not want people to do this on here too.

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36 - are you friends with reptiles?

-85 You act as if you'll get to the top of the comments. Do you have attention issues?

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108 everyones skin peels when you get sunburn.

-139 He was referring to your friends peeling it off.

you know time it is. it's time to ( ****** up comment here ) .

You've gotta try it with BBQ sauce! It's delightful. It's already cooked! Myum myum!

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On the brightside... your sunburn got peeled off ? lol

99. not all people with mental issues are stupid or insane.. bill gates has mental issues. don't stereotype you fat ****

At some point, the dead skin attaches to healthy tissue; at that point, she could have pulled off live skin. She would have been crying alright... because my foot would have been firmly lodged up her ass.

it was gold member in disguise trying and add to his collection of skin

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Thank you 209. I was diagnosed with a form of dementia, and almost no one can tell. I just have some "special" moments. Yes, when you have mental issues, you can lead a normal life.

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DolphinCheddar, that was a bit harsh, no? He wasn't saying anything bad about her, just that she may have some issues.. You're the one that's being rude! ....Dang

Heyy! I know #36!!!

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210- I agree haha

Not even fag, 2nd isn't even an achievement.

3>2. just saying.

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and you're third..

Seabeast1000 4

well to be fair both comments second and third were posted at the same time.

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Because if she was that would make it totally normal.

SugarCrazy 14

What does her weight have to do with being a freak??

Clearly you do not understand the pun. FML is about skin...

I see what you did there.

Or she was saving it to eat later. If she was indeed skinny.

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You so punny. :)

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Terrible pun.

I thought it was kinda funny!

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88- love your pic!! lol lemme smang it girl smash it and bang it lol

Haha!! first I thought you were an idiot... then I got it! it took me a while though...

I don't get it

Cryingraven 1

Who's the idiot nowwwwwwwww!? (Please don't take offense ^^)

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tbh. I think she was Bipolar


It was Goldmember

I wish I could like this 100 times. Fuckin funny pun

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Do you have chocolate chip?

SHE WAS PEELING SKIN OFF OPS BACK!! WHAT WAS OP SUPPOSED TO DO? "Oh yes random lady, I'd be more than happy to stand gere while you peel me away." Its just not normal.

should've ran after her n hit her back

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, if it was bad enough for a stranger to wanna peel it off, then you prolly should of let her finish...

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austin powers ya fashhaaa

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you should make a scarecrow out of your sunburnt skin

That is silence of the lambs creepy.

That is silence of the lambs creepy.

Did she eat it afterwards?

Austin Powers references ftw!

mmm yesh. that's a nice one. it's going in the box!

GoldMember just tasted it to make sure it was nice and salty, he didn't eat it. At least not on-screen.

Austin Powers: England's answer to Chuck Norris

76. Oh he ate it alright....

That's so ******* gross!

Ew... Who does that? My dad asked me to peel the dead skin off his sunburn once, and that was gross enough. I certainly wouldn't be doing it to some random stranger! Sorry you had to deal with such a creep, OP. FYL

Are you kidding? That's as much fun as popping pimples and waxing hairy men! Gives a strange pleasure only sickos like me would understand...

Well. Honrstly I was boref and decided to read something, but when I read ur bio, it sounds that ur a really great person, amd nice. Hope we can talk sometime

Can you say creepy?

AsianCookie247 14

Yes, Creepy.

He said say it not type it. -_-

She, athankyou ;)

I meant to type the s but... I didn't....

LotsaLaughs 5

yes, "C R E E P Y"!

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Creepy. now give me a ****** cookie

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