By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to get my first tattoo. When I told the man that I wanted Tinkerbell on my lower back area. He snorted and told me that I was way too old to have Tinkerbell on me, and that Disney characters are only cute on people 35 and younger. I'm 23. FML
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  beccaishereyay  |  11

"Today, a woman going through a mid life crisis came into my tattoo parlor. She seemed completely wasted and asked for a tinkerbell rattoo. Since our policy says we don't allow customers to be tattooed under the influence, I refused. She started ranting about how she was only 23, grabbed my tattoo gun and drew a very nice rock on her ass claiming it was tinkerbell, then posted an FML about it. FML"

  sucks4Udude  |  3

great, the tinkerbell hoodie girl is having a mential breakdown...

why... Tinkerbell? Your ass isn't going to have "magic pixie dust" on it, or is it going to look any better with a fairy as a tramp stamp. You should thank the tattoo artist, not be mad.

  Back_In_Action  |  18

#7 is right. Both of them are idiots: OP for wanting a Tinker Bell tattoo (a symbol of feminism even though all she did was pout and bitch silently throughout all of Peter Pan...oh, wait.) and the artists for what he said. If she got it, she's gonna have it at 23, then 35, then the rest of her life, unless she gets it removed. Dahhhhh.

By  foolishworkerbee  |  0

i don't think the artist was insinuating you look older than your 23 years, but rather that you will be that age soon enough, and it will no longer look cute.

instead of taking offense, you should just trust the guy and not get that tattooed on yourself. he is the professional, after all.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. YDI for being sober and not on spring break and wanting a cartoon tramp stamp. FFS, I love Hello Kitty but that doesn't make it okay for me to have her emblazoned on my lower back. Dressing like a little girl just makes you look old and ridiculous. Twenty-three turns into forty-three eventually.

BTW, Tink is awful! Pouty, jealous little witch.