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  aleeya  |  15

There was a CSI like that.. or was it a Criminal Minds... The suspect was using hair from people to make a wig for the victim.

Or maybe someone is going to use it for a Voodoo Spell...

Or to frame you at a crime.

So, if all the sudden you start getting very bad cramps where you double over... or if law enforcement contacts you and wants to know you whereabouts...

Have no fear, now it has been posted someone stole your hair! #FML is now your alibi!

  JayGatsby  |  25

#23, I can only imagine how that would go if he passed the paternity test. "Hi, remember me? I'm that guy who plucked a hair from you at the checkout stand. Nevermind how I followed you here, but guess what? I'm your real father!!!"