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Today, I needed to buy a new helmet. When I got to the sport shop, there was only one left in my size and preferred color. 30 minutes after buying it, my head starts itching. Turns out I paid $40 for lice. FML
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At least you got a little extra with your purchase, greedy bastard

That was a bad attempt at sarcasm. Personally I would call up and get them to compensate for your lice troubles... That's just me though.


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Ew. Gross. .___. Buy the live shampoo. c:

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Lesson learned.... Always check headwear before putting it on. They are small, but you should see them.

I would take it back to the store and demand a refund PLUS the money to treat it, eww so disgusting!

Give the helmet to someone you hate as a gift. They'll think it's you trying to be nice until they put the helmet on. Boom. Instant revenge.

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^ that is until they tell people that you gave them lice...

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Wait? Are you trying to tell me that you don't love lice? People these days...

That was a bad attempt at sarcasm. Personally I would call up and get them to compensate for your lice troubles... That's just me though.

I'm people these days and I hate live bitch

At least you got a little extra with your purchase, greedy bastard

Yes. Sue the bastards. Good plan. Hey, while you're at it, sue the manufacturers of the helmet too! They obviously made a helmet that attracts lice. Oh and also sue the clerk for not checking the helmet before you put it on! OH OH and also sue the government for not outlawing lice! Idiot.

5: you're the same person who sued Walmart over 2 cents, aren't you? Come on now, be honest.

This is actually kind of sue worthy. The shop should be making sure their helmets are clean and sanitary. The shop should be at least responsible for paying for the OP's medical care.

Right, suing them is a good idea. Waste a ton of time and money to get compensated for the $30 the lice shampoo is going to cost. Despite what you've grown up being taught, you're not entitled to sue someone every time you get mildly screwed.

Let me guess, you're American? That's your solution to everything. ******* grow up.

Iamyummylicious - pay for medical care? Are you ******* serious? A quick Amazon search yielded lice shampoo for $6. You're actually advocating suing someone over $6??

Or you could let the store know of the situation, give them a chance to apologize and maybe even get a discount or reimbursed for the lice shampoo. But I suppose that would be the civilized thing to do.

40: yeah, and apparently "we Americans" only like to sue people. (did I mention I hate stereotypes?)

I didn't know I could cause a debate over a lousy joke. My apologies.

6 dollars I shouldn't have to be responsible for. March into the store for a refund + 6 dollars. Besides as a doctor you should know that its not as easy as simple as washing your hair. I had lice once (due to the negligence of a now no longer existing business) and went to a salon who treats lice. It took a lot more than just washing my hair. There were quite a few steps making sure there were no remnants left behind (like eggs). My mother also had to treat our entire home to prevent future lice attacks. This isn't a small issue. This is ******* disgusting. I don't know where you're from, but in my developed country I certainty expect to enter a business and leave a business free of disease/infestation of parasites. No one should have to waste their time or money (however small) because of the negligence of a business. I mean if you're perfectly okay with leaving a store with lice, that's fine. But to insult rational people who are not, that's ******* absurd.

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I like how the person who just stereotyped 300 million people was telling someone to grow up. (#35)

You obviously have never had lice before.

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You do realize that you can get lice by simply standing next to somebody to has them, right? Should he sue the shop for them allowing people with head lice to come in? Lice aren't fun, I have two sisters in elementary school who have come home with them more than once, but my mom didn't sue the school. We sucked it up, treated the lice and sent the kids to school lice free within two days. Sigh, if only we had salons here that treated lice...

iamyummylicious - You honestly think it's RATIONAL to sue a store over $6? If that's your idea of rational, then you are truly ****** in the head. I don't know where exactly YOU'RE from that you need to go to a damned salon to treat lice. There are myriad do-it-yourself kits that you can buy anywhere, and all it takes is some shampoo, some careful combing, and another shampooing. Give me a ******* break with your prima donna bullshit.

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Troll attempt, 3/10, got me to reply. This is for 35 Stereotypeing a whole country is one of the biggest acts I'd idiocrocy out there. It's like if I were to say all British people go around eating crumpets and drinking tea; or if I said all Australlians go around poking random animals and yelling, "CRIKEY". So in short, don't be an idiot, don't stereotype.

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*acts of. I apologize, I'm on my phone currently.

Doc, send OP $6 and refund his helmet if it's not a big deal.

Lack of hygiene is lack of hygiene. When it happens to you, I doubt you'll just think "oh, lice shampoo will resolve this!!!", and deem it completely normal. Unless you're a filth-monger. What if it was something worse.... hepatitis C, maybe?! (exaggeration intended)

Having lice is no fun, but it's nothing that warrants suing anybody over. All I'm saying is that suing the store is ridiculous. You idiots are acting like, well, idiots. MikeDa1Da - we've been over this before. Stop ******* trolling me, asshole.

NbI can tell that you must have awful bedside manner. Your a major ****. Doctors and there egos... Secondly, your getting so defensive over lawsuits. Were you by any chance sued for malpractice? ******* scum. The last time I checked it's our right to sue whoever we want for whatever we want. I can rest peacefully at night knowing that my mother ruined the owner of the clothing store where I contracted lice. I couldn't care less that he's probably bankrupt and living in some low rent apartment somewhere. I wasn't the only customer who had to suffer at his hands. But at least no one else will have to. What you're not grasping is that it isn't our responsibility as a consumer to treat an illness that was caused by the negligence of a business. Give me a break with your holier than thou bullshit.

Can I just say, 69: "poking random animals and yelling 'CRIKEY'" made my day

iamyummylicious - You make some very dangerous and laughable assumptions. My bedside manner is sparkling, and my patients love me. You can choose to believe that or not, but only I know the truth. I've never been sued, thank you very much for that assumption too, fuckwad. Another example of you claiming you've "ruined" someone over something small. You're a greedy slimeball and nothing more. As I said the last time you outed yourself like this, **** you and everything you stand for. And you can be countersued for a frivolous lawsuit, so go ahead and sue everyone for everything. I hope that happens to you and that you die penniless and miserable.

Suing someone over lice is the definition of superfluous. Not only is it a huge overreaction that would cost significantly more than if the OP just took care of the lice himself, it would also be a fruitless endeavor. The OP says he got it from a helmet, but honestly lice can take days to show up so there is no guarantee that it is, in fact, from the helmet. It will be his word against the store's, which is hardly evidence. What's ridiculous is the idea that you have the right to sue simply because you were the victim of some unfortunate circumstances, especially when it is in question whose negligence was responsible.

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Omg... My dentists office just called yesterday to say that one of their staff had lice. Guess who has it now? Yea... FML.

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The three of you must be so, SO unique to have coincidentally gotten lice around the same time.

You must be so, SO unique to not understand how there are tens of millions of people in America and these are only a few.

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Lice is like any other parasite, it multiplies and works it's way around.

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At my library there is a couch, I used to sit on it, but then one day I realized that there could be a lot of lice on it.

I'm glad to see some shops still know what service is by offering free by-products ;)

I feel you dude. I once had a skin infection for buying the last piece of clothing of that design.

This is why I wash all my clothes when I get them from the store. People like to 'wear and return' a lot. Btw, I love your picture. It's so true.

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Take it back for refund and demand they give u a free one

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"Demand They give you a free one" It's "you" not "u" dumbass

Why would OP want another helmet from the place that gave them lice?

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Look on the bright side; you found the exact helmet you were looking for...!

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Good idea!!! We should totally waste out time for this!!! YEAAA!!!!

*see #5's post for replies that apply to you now too.

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I hate living on this planet... Jeez... A lawsuit?? Really??? Research on how long it would take to even get something from a place of business for something such as would take forever!! Suing is the stupidest thing you could do... Don't comment again for the love of god...

Post #5 was deleted along with the flame war that ensued. Alas, poor iamyummylicious. I knew him etc etc.