By DemCherries - United States - Overland Park
Today, at my job as a police officer, I had to arrest my own girlfriend for having sex at Walmart. She tried to get me to let her out on the grounds of being "pretty" and dating me. She wants to continue the relationship. FML
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If he takes her back SHE'LL respect him even less.

By  Turtleizer567  |  1

Yikes! Sorry buddy :( No shortage of crazies out there. Unfortunately you don't usually find out you got one until something like this happens. Hopefully you didn't have too much time invested. Either way, I guess it's a good thing you found out now vs. some years (/a mortgage/marriage/kids/etc.) down the road.
Keep your chin up op!

By  Namenlos_fml  |  20

There are worse ways to find out she was cheating. If she tries to manipulate her and your friends into being on her side because you dumped your ass, you just show them the arrest record.