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  Setareh23  |  34

I agree. Often times, family and friends can see something off about your SO that you're missing. So imo it's a good idea to at least really listen to what they're saying. The only other explanation, would be if their relationship is a "taboo" depending on her surroundings. Like say the age difference is greater than what's accepted in her area, or maybe she lives in a very rich/religious/racist area and her fiance is poor/other religion/race.

  Ayasha_fml  |  12

31 not always. I had my first relationship at 15-16, and my mom swore up and down that the way he looked at me, or the look in his eyes showed so much love. He was a liar, cheater, abusive and manipulative, and yes I had proof of it all. straight from the girl's mouth in addition to other proofs.

It was fine for him to break up once or twice. But once I tried to, just once after all that, he grabs me, and grabs a knife and puts it up to his throat crying and threatening suicide. Wasted my virginity on him. That screwed me up so badly and I still have some issues today 11 years later from it. I had no proof he would do it, but what if? He put his life in my hands. I couldn't deal with that. He'd hurt me but then make me feel like I need him and vice versa, so instead of being happy and relieved when it was over, I became suicidal and horribly depressed for years. I think for most people...a really bad first impression or experience can really fuck with your own mental health if it isn't already. I was as good of a gf as I could be to him but it wasn't enough.

Karma happened to him though. After cheating and getting back with his first (allegedly first), they didn't last. Now he's married to some Wailord. The disgusting cigarettes will get him as well no doubt. It all turns around. Good people get their dues eventually. :)

  withered  |  30

#52 You should not have let him extort you with suicide. At least if he did it you'd be free sooner. You shouldn't care less because it wouldn't be your fault anyways.

  VonBlitzkrieg  |  27

Probably. I can think of two girls I know right now that are in dysfunctional relationships but would instantly say "yes" to a proposal. They're the kind of relationship that makes you lose friends and the ones who don't knave constantly tell you to move on for your own good.

By  Welshite  |  39

Social media announcements are so last year. Get with the times, OP. It's all about scrolls and pigeons now.

Speaking of...I've got a great deal on messenger pigeons. Two for the price of one. You won't find better prices.