By steppppphhhhhh - 09/04/2013 08:18 - United States - Pacifica

Today, I got called an "evil Nazi bitch" because I let a customer know that this is the last day our store will have free plastic bags. FML
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And the correlation between Nazi Germany, and you is...?

i did nazi that coming


Who doesn't love Godwin's law?

This has nothing to do with Godwin's law...

Yes it does: Godwin's law dictates that the longer an argument goes on, the chance of someone being compared to Hitler/a Nazi approaches 1. I fail to see how this FML doesn't have anything to do with Godwin's law

That wasn't an argument, though. OP just was called a nazi by someone. Godwin's law mainly applies to online conversations and online forums.

It's absolutely Goodwins Law! It does not mater where the argument started.

Wow that escalated quickly

And your comment failed just as quickly. Lol. Try again. As for op, that person is the evil nazi bitch, not you.

I think the correct phrase is "Well, that escalated quickly."

I think the correct phrase is "Well, that escalated quickly."

Enough already

And the correlation between Nazi Germany, and you is...?

Nazis also did not have plastic bags.

#42 who the actual fuck is going to pay for bags? On a side note, two trips is for pussies.

Lots of people will. Here in Germany either bring your own bag or pay for one. America is only now catching up with the rest of the world.

i did nazi that coming

Nazi jokes are almost as bad as cripple jokes, I can't stand them!

Please tell me that "cripple" and "can't stand" wasn't a pun attempted.

It was actually pretty funny.

Anne Frankly, I didn't see it coming either.

I thought it was hitlarious

Your comment was so Nein.

Jew kidding me?

these jokes are out of mein kampfert zone

That's a pleasant attitude..

Well isn't that what Hitler was planning? The genocide of all the free plastic bags?

If it's such a big deal for themthey can always bring their own bags. Djeez, people these days..

That's like yelling at someone for working at Walmart. Some people are just off their rockers...

Did you say "Heil Hitler" after your announcement?

The idiocy of some people is Hitlarious. Well I hope jew ignored him and carried on with your day. Sorry for these bad Nazi puns they are out of mein kampfort zone