By Anonymous - 09/04/2013 10:29 - France - Paris

Today, my halitosis was so bad that when I blew onto my solution in chemistry class, it reacted. FML
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What'd you have to eat? "Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..."


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an* English is an awesome class.... Troll troll troll

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Guess I should mention I was being sarcastic.

If you were being sarcastic, I may have to reacquaint myself with a dictionary.

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Well don't u feel special using that new hip text language all the kids r using these days

Lol in FML the bad hey worst and the good get better.

@62 Ya know, when saying "Troll," say it when you aren't committing the act.

What'd you have to eat? "Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..."

That's from Rocko's Modern Life, isn't it? :)

I'll let you live this time. Don't let me catch another Spongebob mishap.

Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza.

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I love you lol. (Not seriously)


I can't even...#24 should probably keep his comments to himself from now on...

95- some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza...OH AND THAT SUNDAE

Oh, really? I had a live Cow, a live Chicken, and a live Pizza!

I'm going crazy over here with the Spongebob puns and jokes! XD this is too awesome.... Oh yeah sorry OP.

"Patrick can we go inside?" "Not until you get that thing off your chest."

Googling that word, one moment please...

Lol i came to the comments hoping to find out what it meant !

Today: The day that follows yesterday, and immediately before tomorrow. ie: What is today but yesterday's tomorrow? No need to google.

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I wasn't sure what it meant either. I figured I'd find out if I came to the comments.

Ummm... No, that was somebody else :)

It means when you have really bad breath.

Can't you just take 3 seconds out of your life to use Google?

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Can't you just say halitosis?

Oh my. I didn't realize bad breath was such a touchy subject. My apologies, next time I'll put rainbows and butterflies in my comment. I'd hate to upset the sensitive members of **** My Life.

It has nothing to do with sensitivity dipshit, but it has everything to do with laziness. If anyone's being "sensitive" here it's you, as you immediately went on the defense rather than admitting that you could've just looked up the word instead of wasting comment space and your own time asking the question. But hey, if that's how you feel, then commenting probably isn't for you. After all, it's not mandatory.

52- Or just don't post whiny comments on someone's word choice.

Although halitosis is just a medical term for bad breath, most people use the term when their bad breath is caused by an underlying issue like a sinus infection, rather than poor oral hygiene. My guess is the OP was probably trying to get that point across.

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'Just' saying bad breath would be saying its his own fault. It's not. It's a medical condition.

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Breath mints (and gum) make your breath smell worse. The best thing for bad breath is toothpaste, floss, and a mouthwash with no alcohol in it. Use them religiously. If that doesn't work you should go to a doctor bc something is probably wrong with you. The more you know.

Beyoncé also suffers from halitosis... The more you know!

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That's like a superpower. A shitty superpower, but a superpower nevertheless. If I was in your class, I'd think you were pretty cool, in a Wednesday Adams sort of way.

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Today in Halitosis Man: Bad Date Brian"Oh shit, this girl is Fugly, I need to ditch her, but that would be rude...hmm sound like a job for Halitosis Man"" Tada Halitosis Man to the rescue Halitosis Man: "ok Brian, quick lets change clothes, and you hide and ill go back to your table where your date sits" Gina: "oh shit Brian, your breath smells like caca, I'm out" Brian: "Thanks Halitosis Man, you saved me from that Fugly girl" Till next time kids! And remember to floss!!