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Today, after hearing the results of my spinal tap, following several scans, my doctor said discovering that I have Multiple Sclerosis was a "happy accident". FML
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It's happy because he found it and can treat it before you get seriously affected by it.

At least it was discovered but your doctor has very poor bedside manner OP. Sorry about that :/


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Maybe he's wording was not the best but at least now you are made aware of the sclerosis and can treat it properly!

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there's no real treatment for MS, but the diagnosis is by elimination, so there are other worse things that OP now knows it's not.

there is plenty of treatment for MS, but no cure....... I've been on treatment for the last ten years and I'm as healthy as anyone else, i just get a tired a bit quicker.

At least it was discovered but your doctor has very poor bedside manner OP. Sorry about that :/

You're a dumbass if you think they have poor manner.

No, he's not. This FML clearly proves that he does have poor manner when it comes to breaking news like that.

Hey #54, I didn't say the doctor had poor manner(s). I said he has poor bedside manner, which means he has a poor way of breaking/dealing bad news to people.

It's happy because he found it and can treat it before you get seriously affected by it.

I'm sorry but do you know what MS does? It's not treatable and "seriously affected" by it? You'd honestly be better off getting cancer there's likely a chance you can recover MS kills you painfully and slowly. Asshole.

Treating it won't stop you from getting seriously affected by it, it might only slow it down, and that's not even a guarantee. Not to mention the treatments can have some seriously unpleasant side effects. There's no cure for MS.

Would you rather learn by feeling it's full effects and then being diagnosed or know whats coming in advance. I'd rather know up front.

So people should be happy if they find out they have cancer or other diseases? No. It's better than the alternative but it's still not happy or good news.

umm... but if you find cancer early you can get rid of it... so thats a bit different isnt it?

Please research MS before making stupid comments like this.

Sorry Op, he could have worded that better. At least it has been discovered though and you can get on the track to recovery.

Very sorry to hear about your blood clot. I hope you are okay now. Yeah, some people just shouldn't be in their chosen profession.

You don't recover from MS, you can sometimes treat the symptoms, or slow them down, but the treatment can often be worse than the attacks.

the treatment is in no way worse than the attacks. the side effects are in general very mild such as fever and nausea (same as most other medicines), yes with one medicine there is one very serious side effect but the chances of getting that are very slim and when on that treatment you get blood tests and MRIs done frequently to ensure that it can be treated before it becomes serious. so i would suggest stop trying to scare someone that is obviously upset over there new diagnoses when you don't know all the facts.

I've been procrastinating treatment due to fear of side effects and a flare up. But thank you for giving me hope. I don't feel so alone. It's unbelievable how many people tell me they will pray for healthy eating cure or lessen a flare up.

I wouldn't put off treatment if i was you...... the treatment will delay any further lesions from forming and lesson the symptoms of any further attacks.... the longer you put it off any damage that will be done could possibly be irreversible. personally, i've been on 3 different meds over the past 10 years... its just a matter of finding the one thats right for you....the one i've been on since 2009 is the one with the 'serious side effect' but as i said, your so closely monitored while on that that i'm happy to take the risk as i have the same quality of life as before i was diagnosed......other than being sleepy a lot!! and ya good luck to ppl trying to cure themselves with vegetables!

I won't pretend to know what Op or any other MS sufferers are going through, but I have an aunty with MS and they managed to find a treatment for her so hopefully that will give you hope.

I said it often can be, not that it flat out is worse. I have an aunt and a cousin on different sides of the family, both with MS, both with fairly mild but regular attacks and they have both said before that the near constant nausea, headaches, anxiety, palpitations and shortness of breath regularly make them feel as if they treatment isn't worth at, as it doesn't actually treat all of the symptoms. The treatments given to my cousin (who is 27) have also made her infertile and to an extent has reduced her liver function. There is certainly more than one serious side effect, and more than one treatment that can cause it. I am in no way trying to scare anyone, I was speaking from the experience gained by caring for someone with MS everyday for 13 years before she died.

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What was she given that made her infertile? I have MS and have been on Copaxone, I'm hoping it's not the same one.

Is Copaxone Glatiramer acetate? She's never been on that. She's been on a few different ones due to the liver damage, and her doctors aren't 100% sure which one caused the infertility but they think it's most likely to have been Interferon beta 1b. She's been on that, Novantrone and Lemtrada.

Read online about how a plant based diet has stopped and even reversed it. Do some research on it. Doctors thought i had it.

Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

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I have a life long irreversible bone disease. My brother was trying the paleo lifestyle and swore it would fix my bone disease. I told him I find it pretty offensive that he'd say that and he realized how disrespectful it was. Don't tell people crap like that. A healthy lifestyle will likely help, but it's not dependent on a certain diet.

A close friend of mine's father has MS, and has been avoiding animal fats for 25+ years on the basis of this idea, he has no idea if being vegetarian has helped his condition or slowed its progress but he figured it wasn't worth the risk

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Be strong OP, I have an aunt with MS and it can be difficult. You control it, don't let it control you.

That's awful. Good luck for your recovery op.

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