By lat187 - United States
Today, I went to a salon to have my eyebrows waxed. During the application the woman sneezed. The wax is not water based, so no matter what they tried, it would not come out of my eyebrows. I now have to decide whether leave the noticeable brown wax in my eyebrows or wax them all off and draw them in. FML
lat187 tells us more :
Top comment wins: I now have two mustaches on my face!! She sneezed away from me, thankfully not in my face. I felt the wax go everywhere. For some reason her gut reaction was to put the waxing paper on my eyebrow. Which made things a lot more difficult because they couldn't get to the wax. So they had to pick at the paper and peel that off the best they could. They tried warm compresses, and I'm not sure what different solvents they tried, but they did not work. My eye/face was getting so irritated I finally just told them I needed to leave. My friend helped me with baby oil which after a lot of patience worked. I'm still missing some parts. Thankfully they already called to offer me some various complimentary services.
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

or shave it out if possible. You dont want to wax it all, it all might not grow back! Waxing makes hair grow slower and finer. Shaving will mean it will grown faster too!

By  InnocenceBlue  |  37

Oh man. I hope they offered some compensation of some sort, like some free waxes or something. Hey at least you can draw them on. Consider tattooing them on though, it doesn't look tacky like it used to. They can look very realistic.


If a surgeon sneezes and accidentally makes what would have been a near invisible incision, a life long and obvious scar, would you just say "oh, accidents happen?" probably not. You'd expect some form of compensation.

  sylvienoir  |  18

Except that wasn't surgery. Having your brows waxed and a huge scar are two totally different things. That's like if McDonald's messed up your order and you rationalize freaking out on them with, "Well, what if NASA had messed up the moon landing?"
It's just not comparable.

By  Rejacted0727  |  9

Go buy some store bought wax. It has oil based liquid that comes with it that helps get the wax off. Also I would recommend threading if you go to a salon so something like this doesn't happen again!