By scooter922 - 15/07/2012 07:45 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I got home from the hospital after I burned my hand. Why? I dropped my phone in the pot while stirring hot soup, and I reached in to get it. FML
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The_SkyCantLimit 5

Every doctor in that hospital: *Face palm*

"k" This is the text message I received that caused the accident that burned my hand for the rest of the week. Sounds like the makings of a no cooking and texting commercial ad


The_SkyCantLimit 5

Every doctor in that hospital: *Face palm*

icrest80 4

we live on a planet with smart phones and stupid people. this is why I don't want to live here anymore

Bet your phone was still broken eh?

Sure OP was holding a spoon, but it's a reaction to use your hand. Don't ask me how I know it's a spoon, you don't stir soup with a fork.

29- Do not try to justify it. OP is a moron.

That's the secret ingredient to OP's famous soup!

PhishloverA 14

Where do you want to live them 13?

FinJage 18

If every doctor would face palm every time, while facing such stupidity, there wouldn't be much left of their face.

I haven't had lunch yet. This FML makes me want soup.

#93 - I think that's what happened to DocBastard, and thus the reason he doesn't have a picture of himself in the profile. Too many face palms at work.

Big_lama6 7

Must have been one important text...

Well I mean it is an iPhone and op was most likely laughing at FML's when op dropped it.

What I don't get is instead of burning his/her hand why didn't they just scoop it out

108 - I think it's a natural reaction to use your hand, plus OP probably wanted to get it out as fast as possible, and phone fishing with a spoon would probably take way to long

DaiCarmuhh 6

Why would you reach in the pot knowing that there is hot soup that you're stirring?

RocketNinjaFish 12

sometimes people don't think before they act. the OP may have been distracted and forgot it was hot.

MindFreakazoid 10
MikeonFML 17

Well if the phone was sinking fast I could understand trying to save it right away

BunchieRules 31

78 - I think the phone would have been instantly beyond saving, considering the pot was boiling. I can understand quickly reacting to accidently submerging a phone, but this was a bit of a stretch.

It's probably a reflex. You drop your phone and you instantly reach down to catch it. Perhaps the OP wasn't too smart using his phone while cooking but logic doesn't really apply to reflexes since they happen faster than you can think.

momolee 4

Would you like some crackers with that phone?

Why? The phone comes with chips installed.

iiAntheA17 7

Have you ever heard the saying?! "No texting and cooking." But you most definitely deserved it.

Never heard of it. This will probably be the only time too

soccergurrll 8

Ive heard no texting and DRIVING but texting and cooking... Never. I agree w/ #17

kewlkate 9

5- I was unaware that this phrase existed. Besides that, who says she was texting? I know I use my phone to look up recipes.

nelds 12

17- I didn't know Teemo had an account for FML :P

iiAntheA17 7

Sorry guys. Just trying to joke (: I'm sorry.

114 - I'm sorry that you're sorry. Sorry.

You got to risk it to get the biscuit, or in this case the phone.

You gotta risk your own, to get the phone?

iiAntheA17 7

We've already established this.

jayfreeman80 0

Idiot does not do OP justice - read some of this persons other posts - truly amazing LMFAO

Clearly you learned that multi-tasking is not Your forte. Could've been worse, you could've been driving...

melanierules123 7

that happened to my uncle he dropped his phone on the car floor and rear ended a guy

Instead of stone soup, it's phone soup! No? Ok I'll shut up now.