By dannyboy1422 - 02/10/2009 19:17 - United States

Today, we had a lockdown in our school for 2 hours because a man was sitting outside our school in his car with a gun in hand. I texted my mom telling her what was going on and that it's on the news. She responded saying "I'll tape it". FML
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i think you are all idiots. it's an fml because there was a ******* crazy man that could have gone into the school and shot someone and his mom didn't care. jesus christ.


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I second that. I'd want a video tape of that! The same thing happened at my school a few weeks ago. But it wasn't on the news. :(

*presses the so what button* It may be a little annoying to have your school on lockdown, but how is "my mom said she would tape it" a FML? Whatever, who cares, nothing happened, and you got out of class, you should be happy.

she didn't seem concerned about him >_> that's why it's an fml

Not fake, just because it wasn't on the news. This happened at my old high school the other day, Westlake High School in Austin, Texas.

Yes, it did happen. In Austin Texas. Google Austin Statesman newspaper. Next time search before you speak... DICKasaurus.

Wrong again Genius. The school was on lockdown. No one went no where. You are going to be such a loser.

what I want to know is why were you texting your mom during lockdown?

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it probably wasn't in your area, stupid..... and it was probably nothing big where anyone got shot or anything so it wasnt put on all news channels.

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Journalists need people like her on the frontlines.

I dont get it either, was his mother supposed to come riding on a unicorn to kill the guy will a gun?

#73 made my day . but same here.. I read the comments and replies for #1 and it said tht she wasn't concerned about him.. I don't get this fml

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She should've been concerned about her own child. Op posted it because their mother was only saying they'd tape the news channel they were on. She wasn't even worried about her own child.

Why is this a FML? Later you can all enjoy it again over xmas dinner...

I agree. "look friends, that's my son's school!"

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And look!There's the crazy guy with the gun!And the police!

i think you are all idiots. it's an fml because there was a ******* crazy man that could have gone into the school and shot someone and his mom didn't care. jesus christ.

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i think you're the idiot for loving miley cyrus.

Why was this comment rated "bad"? It's only the truth x'D

totally agree with #12 and #9, he shouldn't care either. Did he really think that the man was going to burst into the school and start shooting? This is a stupid FML.

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what does liking miley cyrus have anything to do with this..?

WTF?? You should consider reading some news sites instead of wanking to ********** **** all day. This stuff happens many times each year.

@12... only because you prefer little boys...

Things like that have happened before.

maby his mom did care but would u rather a mom that get all hysterical over everything or one that tries to make a joke to lighten the mood

Ad hominem attacks (attacking the person for things that have nothing to do with this whole debacle) are never cool.

That must have been suspicious! You can't sit in your car for two hours in Texas. It's too ******* hot. You have to be crazy to sit in a car here. The gun? Big deal, everyone's got one or two of them on them at any given time. This IS Texas!

he probably is crazy. haha it's kind of weird to just have a gun out by a school. that is why we need more people like clive owen in shoot em up. he wouldn't take that shit!

you are such a retarded mofo. now you know the weather, everyday in TX?

Yes, I do live here. While FML's have to start with "Today" as a rule, it often means within the past few days. It's been pretty ******* hot here, asshole.

you texted during a lockdown?!? If that had gone off while a man was in the school you would have been dead!

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Well... Obviously he wasnt in the school, so there is nothing bad about it... If the guy was in the school, i really doubt he would have been texting

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i would probly text durning a lockdown its called you have your phone on silent so noone will hear it duh..!