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Today, the shy girl in my class decided to bring a cake to share with everyone, since it was her birthday. Excited about the cake, I got everybody to sing "happy birthday" for her, only to realize too late that nobody in the class know her name, myself included. FML
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Aw i could imagine how awkward that would be for her:(

"Happy birthday dear... "cake girl", happy birthday to you!"


Aw i could imagine how awkward that would be for her:(

poor girl. f her life not yours. cake is awesome but you should be hoping she has a good day, not that your gluttonous ass gets cake. ydi. dolt.

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I know what you're talking about. I also have a classmate who is invisible. I mean, he really is invisible! It was in the middle of the semester that I found out he's my classmate! He attended every class but we never realized he's our classmate! He NEVER talked. I didn't hear his voice even once. I can't blame the students for not knowing him.

Exactly. It's awkward enough that you don't know what to do while people are singing you happy birthday, but not knowing your name.....

Make an effort to be her friend. If she is anything like I used to be, a few kind words should help her open up.

when i read this it made me feel really genuinely sad.. :(

fthislyfe 22

33: Some people just choose to be unknown. I'm not being mean or anything. But when I was 13, I changed my school and I hated everyone so I chose to be quiet and unknown. I was happy about that. I didn't mind not being popular. Why do you think it's sad?

The fact that no one knows her name is sad. ^

her name is Hinata

33- I agree, it is really sad :( 36- Not everyone CHOOSES to be "invisible" and not everyone is happy with having no friends and not having anyone even know their name. Some people are just so cripplingly shy that they can't open up, or have other problems like an anxiety disorder that makes it impossible to talk to people. And it's people like you who assume they're happy being lonely without even giving them a chance that just make everything worse.

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36 so if your parents sang happy birthday to you, but forgot your name you wouldn't care?

fthislyfe 22

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fthislyfe 22

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Damn, there's a difference between not caring about being popular and no one knowing your name. Hate to break it to you, but we're social animals; at some level EVERYONE wants to have friends. You can say you don't mind being alone, and maybe it's true, and you really think that way, but it's not normal, and while I don't mean to judge, it's not healthy. Having people to talk to and go through stuff with is a huge part of mental health, so everyone should really try to open up, and make some friends. I was really quiet in school, and at the time I really thought it didn't bother me, but my decision to open up and be friendly in college was one of the best I ever made.

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50- I really doubt a legit parent would forget their children's name. Unless your telling fthislyfe she's being disowned

fthislyfe 22

60: No I have MARRIED, NICE, LEGAL parents who still live together! I don't why it's such a big deal in western countries to be popular. We don't have the word "bully" in our language. Everyone is friendly and if a person is shy and quiet, it doesn't change our opinion about him/her.

63 Its actually not that common to have divorced parents in America I know a lot of people do but I know very few but who knows maybe its just small town values

63, I wish it were like that everywhere. The amount of suicides which occur due to bullying is ridiculous. And for what? That's the one thing I don't understand about bullies. What do they get out of it? Does it make then feel good that the kid they just pushed now hates his life, or the kid they kick or spit on each day is planing to kill himself? People need to learn some respect before they are allowed into society.

fthislyfe 22

66: I didn't mean to say American parents are divorced! 68: It's true. School principals should do something about it. While they think bullies are normal and victims are abnormal.

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64- you shouldn't have to pay for kindness And he didn't take any interest until he was possibly going to get cake, and so the cake was all he was interested in, it was his motive, not her or her feelings

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Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear...bah meh (random words)...snicklefritz?.... HAPPY birthday to you.

I felt sad for the girl :( Cake for everyone and noone knows her name.

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Some people genuinely are antisocial and want to keep it that way. My fiance's brother is like that. He's 5 months younger than I am, but it seems like 5 years. The only friends he has in this world are his dog and his brother (my fiancé). He spends all his free time at home where he lives with his parents (he's 22) playing video games or hanging out with his mom. He just got a job 3 months ago at the grocery store and hates having to interact with people. He just genuinely hates people and wants nothing to do with them. He hated me for about a year because I was an "outsider" coming into the family. He eventually got over it since I've been here long enough, but still. Some people just hate people.

98 - that is being asocial, not antisocial. I'm just pointing this out since it is a common misconception thanks to media and tv shows not understanding the distinction.

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Most people still know Hinata thou.

She would not have taken the trouble to make a cake if she did not care

thats when everyone says a different name so it sounds like a lot of people do know it

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Who has illegal parents?

Same here 24. There was this pair of really shy/quiet twins, and neither would do anything but sleep/read. One of them was in my class for an entire year in one of my classes and I never even knew he was there until someone pointed it out about 3/4 way through the year. But honestly, shy people sh

63: where the he'll do you live?

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not all people choose to be unknown, like, have you ever heard about "introverts"?

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Holy crap people it's an FML post not a damn blog about your lives

152 Iran. Look at her profile.

Its the thought that counts i guess

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The thought that he/she might score some cake?

Hey, cake is awesome! Who doesn't like cake?

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Epic fail

Cake is gross. I hate frosting.

The cake is a lie. Sorry; it had to be done :P

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What thought. If op gave it any thought someone would have known that poor kid's name.

It shouldn't have been that much of a surprise that you didn't know her name if she were shy and she probably didn't think you knew it anyway so you could have just paused a moment and leaned in to ask her.

Exactly. Sometimes shy people become really annoying. I once had to do a project with the shyest girl in class, so I was trying to be nice, I asked her she could pick the part first, and when I asked her what section she wanted to do she was like 'I don't know' so I asked if there was anything she k

151 then why wouldn't you request a different partner

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Bet you feel foolish..........

I would have played it off and continued by saying happy birthday TO YOU so you don't have to say her name

I agree with you completely

I wouldn't share the cake haha

Ha at least you sang happy birthday

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Happy Birthday to... Ashley? Kerry? Rachel? Chuck Norris? ...


Nope. Chuck Testa.

80 won the cake.

I know I failed lol, I was trying to be funny, I'll try harder next time

Brittany? Morgan? Laura? Gabby? 19-your comment was pointless and made no sense.

Do you mean that OP should actually make a recorded COPY of this poor girls probably worst birthday moment ever? That's just rubbing it in her face.

Aww she sounds so cute ^_^

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She does doesn't she ^^

^-^ Yessir

she might. I'm not sure yet.

"Happy birthday dear... "cake girl", happy birthday to you!"

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Motivated by greed and gluttony, why not take some genuine interest in a person instead of being nice to them for a piece of cake Ydi Hopefully you attempted to get to know her afterwards, or at the very least your own classmates name

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I'm curious as to why people have a problem with me promoting some sense of morality and looking down on self-serving and selfish behavior, maybe it's just society these days?

I used to be the same as this shy girl. A few kind words from someone really helped me come out of my shell, though.

Um, you realize she was already sharing the cake, right? It's not like OP was like, "I really want some cake... I know! I'll pretend I care and get everyone to sing so I can have some!" Did you ever consider he just wanted to thank her for the cake by getting everyone to sing? Try not to be so judgmental.

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64- you shouldn't have to pay for kindness

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64- you shouldn't have to pay for kindness And he didn't take any interest until he was possibly going to get cake, and so the cake was all he was interested in, it was his motive, not her or her feelings

64 - The way the FML is worded, he was "Excited about the cake" and that's the reason he started singing. I completely agree with 8, they shouldn't sing just for the cake.

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I'm not going YDI on this one, because 1) they could go to a massive school where you never know everyone in your grade, and 2) if stylistically she's polar opposite of OP there would be no reason to ever say more than a few passing words to each other. I'm not saying people from totally different social circles can't be friends, but typically you won't have all that much in common. For example. You don't see many goth chicks hanging out with the cheerleaders because they have little in common.

100-There is 500 people in my year at school and do you know something, I know the names of every one of them. I may not be beat friends with them or even know there personality but I do know their names.

ReynshineCutting 10

101 well that's all well and good for you but not everyone does. My best friend in high school couldn't even name half the people in his class of 500. I had 92 in my graduating class and I knew everyone's name but there were still 2-3 that I'd never spoken a single word to. Halfway through my sophomore year I met a girl who I thought was a freshman since I'd never seen her before. She'd been in my grade since the beginning of the year. Going back in my head I forgot the names of a number of people I graduated with, and I graduated in 2008. So not everyone knows everyone in their grade. That's cool that you do, but not everyone does.

I "graduated" with 60 people in my class. I did know their names like there were only 60 of them but there were people I'd barely had a conversation with. In six years! It's crazy. I do think OP should have made an effort for such a kind girl but I really hope they will now and not just act friendly when she has food.

Well considering she's a quiet person, they probably didn't even know it was her birthday until she brought in the cake. so OP was trying to make her feel better by singing to her. So yes they sang to her because of cake which indicated that it was her birthday.

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100- she brought cake in for her class, a single class, not her grade/class of 20xx, so while you may not know everyone in your year, you should at least know the names of the people you've been in class with

Read it again I said I do know the name of everyone

At least you were trying to be nice. ?

The shy girls seem like ones you want to have. They are so recluse, so.. Enigmatic.

She already was invisible. It was just that the directors were like "Fuck it let's make her physically invisible"