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  aznpopgrl02  |  0

I kno how it feels own sister scheduled to do my sister-in-law's baby shower on my 21st bday..ended up going and help setting up the baby shower..and went to walmart for my 21st bday =_=

  silverskin  |  1

It just seems as though her cousin keeps stealing the thunder of significant birthdays in our culture. 16, 18, 21...all meant to be days about you. The engagement--maybe she couldn't control it, but she could have definitely chosen another day for the shower unless the baby's going to be bursting out a day later.

  FFML_314  |  11

Yeah I would be slightly annoyed. The baby shower thing I can understand more then getting engaged? It's not like she had her engagement party on OPs birthday. I guess I just don't see the FML in this scenario. The baby shower won't go all day. I say just make the best of your birthday.

  suppressed08  |  2

the first time was fair enough. this time you should screw them all, rent a pub or hall out, and invite all your friends and make the family choose.

not nice at all, but then, since when are other people nice nowadays :@

  KOAnaf  |  0

Ya...and considering the cousin's a girl, something tells me that she had no control over the getting engaged I highly doubt the guy would had known that that was the OP's birthday (and that probably would have been the farthest thing from his mind) when he decided to do it, and the cousin (or whoever planned the shower) probably figured that the day she got engaged would be a good time to have, clearly it's just a coincidence

Oh, and don't be a douche OP, not everything has to be about you

  romskiies  |  0

op, you know you're going to fly out to Vegas, become intoxicated so much you only remember checking into your hotel room.

at least that's what I'm going to do, after I hit the bars at hermosa beach.


  lololol32  |  0

Just have your birthday party on another day OP, ffs. If you're bitching about this, you probably have no friends to invite to your birthday, so how's this a problem?

  kaslea82  |  0

80- your birthday is about you! it's her day to shine and her cousin is stealing it. Perhaps her cousin had the engagement party on her b-day that's why it's a big deal. And who has baby showers on their engagement day?


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  tiger69  |  0

no, #11 is totally right. plus, the op is from london so a 21st birthday isn't significant at all. yea 18 is and who gives a shit, im sure your cousins FIANCE didnt know. get over and grow up

  jadedwaitress  |  0

I don't know any of my cousins' birthdays. Then again, we live far apart. if I was planning a baby shower I really wouldn't be taking into account when their birthday is

  incredibadder  |  0

fuck that, get wasted. baby showers is like a mini Christmas for expected mothers. the baby being born is another thing. 21birtjday . go get drunk, have a DD (no drinking and driving) and get crunk

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

16: you've reached the age where you can hold a license or permit (depending on the state), granting you more mobility.

18: you're "legal" -- that is to say, you're officially an adult. you can pretty much do everything you were doing at 16, but with more adulthood! you can also fornicate and be tried in court like an adult. you may also be in college, which is arguably both awesome and a great place to start drinking. and you can do things like sign a contract and join the military!

21: you can drink legally! unless you're in certain foreign nations, and you can drink at 18. same shit applies, only you're older. big fucking deal.

my point is: 16 & 18 > 21, in terms of milestone achievements in aging.

|the kid|

  aqua10  |  0

it's not your fault your cousin is a selfish dumbass. why should it stop you from enjoying the one day for the year when it's supposed to be all about you? just don't go to her baby shower.


Wait, since when did having a birthday give anyone the right to be a self-centered cock?
I hardly think the cousin intentionally got engaged on OP's birthday and intentionally threw a baby shower on the same day 3 years later, just to spite OP. That would involve planning when her man proposed, and planning the pregnancy so that the most convenient day for the shower fell exactly on OP's birthday again. Hardly likely.
Given that they're just cousins, she probably doesn't even know when OP's birthday is, and just sent out a mass email invitation to everyone she knows.
That's hardly being selfish. It's called "coincidence".

  joanjett  |  0

When she goes into labor on your 22 birthday pretend you think her baby is her birthday present to you, take it and move to mexico untill the baby is a teenager then give it back.


No big loss? Really? Now op feels that he/she has to go to a baby shower, instead of celebrating his 21st, which is even more important than his/her 18th, because their thunder was stolen that night by the same cousin!!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

That depends where you live, actually. I don't know about the UK but I know that 21 doesn't mean shit where I live. The important ones are 16 for driving, 18 for voting and being a legal adult, and 19 for being able to drink/ smoke/ play lottery/ whatever you want to do. And I would think that being able to drive or becoming a legal adult would be a bigger deal than being allowed to drink because anyone who cares that much about drinking already has been for years anyway, legal or not. I was way more excited for my 18th than I was for my 19th.

  VaJJ23  |  0

I'm guessing the guy who commented before me knows his shit at 100%.. and anything he says shall go. do us all a favor, wear a turtle neck with a paper bag along with an astronaut suit and a blanket covering your whole body

  jakymoon  |  0

u know I just fucking go to it and give her like somthing shitty and say that's what's u get for having ur baby shower on my birthday Bitch! then like go break her car door window and drive away lol best plan then l8r some how get husband to flirt with u then POW a devoivrocis PERFECT plan has worked in past